hassle-freeHassle-free browsing experience to a completely new level with IE 9 experience. Its feature list and minimal clicks make it easy for the user to browse the web hassle free. The browser now performs and feels like the native applications on the computer.

Microsoft answered criticism with impressive introduction of Internet Explorer 9 and amazed its competitors. Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) established keeping in view three core tenets: Performance, interoperability standards, and hardware acceleration.

Internet Explorer 9, the latest offering of the Microsoft Browser platform is packed with excellent features needed for a beautiful, fast and safe web experience. This is a faster and more responsive browser in comparison to its earlier versions.

Some of the salient features include Pinning, Jump Lists, Aero-snap, Hardware acceleration and integration seamlessly with computers running on the Windows 7 platform. It provides support for modern web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3.

The tech experts said, IE 9 is the right package for a wonderful browsing experience with features that include streamlined design, pinned sites, 3hardware acceleration, increased speed and many more.

IE 9 has primarily taken the web out of the browser world. The enhanced security feature of this browser protects users from the growing web and social threats.

It includes default settings that protect the computer from the instant the browser is launched. It uses Smart Screen Application Reputation to help the user make safety decisions. It protects Internet Explorer from phishing attacks and malicious software. The Download Manager keeps track of the files being downloaded and informs the user if a file may be malicious.

The in-built intelligence can identify if the user is typing in a website name or a search item. As the user types in a website, the AutoComplete helps to reach the site quickly.

Pinned Sites and Jump features allow quick and direct access of websites without opening the Internet Explorer first. The user can pin a site to the taskbar of the Windows 7 desktop. The pinned site can be accessed by just clicking the Icon on the taskbar. Jump List takes the user directly to the website. The user can access the Jump List by right click on Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar.

Hardware accelerated graphics and text feature enables the website to function like programs installed on the computer. It uses the computers graphical processor to render graphics, text and video resulting in a faster and immersive web experience. Internet Explorer 9 and the powerful graphic capabilities of Windows 7 together enhance the web experience on Windows like never before.

Streamlined design compact user interface of Internet Browser 9 focuses on the website rather than the browser. Multiple menus of previous versions of the browser are now consolidated into a single menu. Only the controls essential for browsing are in the browser frame. The commonly used back button is larger and placed in the leftmost corner of the browser. The New Tab intelligently displays websites. Snap is a quick way to see two websites at the same time.

The tech experts of iYogi (an independent provider of on-demand tech support); highly recommend switching to IE 9 to users in the future of web browsing. Being fast, efficient, safe and extremely user friendly, this product offering from Microsoft is truly going to reign supreme in the world of Browsers.

The software giant did pretty well job, neatly splitting the difference between the Mozilla and the perhaps-too-fast Google by release the first developer-oriented IE 9 in March 2010, a Beta release in September 2010, a Release Candidate in January 2011 and, now, the final version.

Microsoft calls this new design a site-centric user interface, it carries numerous features, including an enhanced platform architecture that is designed to make the web safer and easier for end users, to make the browser easier to deploy and manage for IT Professionals, and to make it easier to create innovative content for web developers.

The best reason to use IE 9, perhaps, is its Windows 7 integration functionality. It also runs on Windows Vista.

IE 9 is more powerful application. With its emphasis on corporate users, it has stronger deployment, centralized management, and security controls than the competition.

It is highly recommended, if you’re using an older IE version, switch to a faster, secure IE 9 to enjoy real benefits of browsing; it is more efficient than any of the previous versions.

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