govtsSTAFF REPORT IBD: The govts would need a clear policy about promotion of cassava plantation otherwise, cassava planters will be vulnerable to the changing official policies.

Local planters have been directly affected by the reduction in diesel prices because cassava produce is used in ethanol production.

Over the past four months, local planters have suffered from changing domestic policy. The lower prices of diesel and benzene made gasohol less attractive because of the lower price margin. Cassava planters bore the brunt of drastic changes in the government`s policy.

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From the middle of 2010 to early last year, the cassava prices rose sharply because the previous government set a policy to promote the use of gasohol by keeping gasohol prices lower than traditional fuel.

Many farmers had converted their farms to cassava plantations in the hope of earning more from this economic crop. The price of cassava, however, saw a declining trend from the middle of last year partly because gasohol was not competitive in terms of price, compared to traditional fuel.

Experts say that the government should set a clear policy on planting cassava as it would help the farmers to shape up their future strategy,


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