STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and all cellular mobile operators of the country have recently signed a joint framework to move towards a new era in mobile subscriber authentication and authorization.

According to the details, the new framework, which is likely to be launched commercially by the end of March, will eliminate the need of paper documentation at the sale points by automating the pre-sale procedure thereby linking it with the already automated post-sale procedure called 789.

As per the new procedure, a subscriber will only have to present his/her original CNIC at any registered Sale Point to get a SIM which will be activated as per the current procedure i.e. by calling 789 and responding to questions.

The new system shall not only help to eliminate the misuse of CNICs copy but also facilitate in keeping real time record of sale of SIMs thereby enabling track of sale channels in case of any misuse.

On this occasion, PTA Chairman Dr. Mohammad Yasin congratulated all stake-holders on reaching this milestone and hoped that the new system will further strengthen the processes of SIM verification.

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