PTCL'sIN THE past PTCL’s , business people were easily identifiable – they carried large briefcases, binder planners and perhaps a brick cell phone. The scene has changed now and so has the way we conduct life and business. Smart phones store important data and documents, offer a calendar planner, provide instant access to the internet and email and keep you in touch with clients, co-workers, friends and family – anytime and anywhere.
As a busy person, you know the importance of staying a step ahead of your clients and your family. You probably know the feeling of being tied to your desk or home so as not to miss that important email or phone call and to maintain convenient access to essential data – proposals, schedules, contact information, business news or the stock market. Millions across the globe have new-found freedom using smart phones designed for business (and fun).
However, choosing the right smart phone is a daunting task. Potential buyers need to think through several factors including cost, features, performance and more. The good news is that Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched a 3G EVO enabled Android smart phone, IVIO Icon Pro, which offers dual support for both EVDO and GSM/CDMA network.
Packed with features of Capacitive Touch Screen Multi Gestures, 262K, 5 mega pixels auto focus camera, and a 0.3 mega pixel secondary camera, the smart phone IVIO Icon Pro supports voice and SMS, Hybrid EVDO/UMTS, 256MB RAM, 512MB Flash ROM, and Micro SD support up to 32GB, with 4GB of micro SD card included.
Providing up to four hours of talk time, the Smart phone IVIO Icon Pro accepts GSM SIMs and with handset configured for EVO, Wi-Fi Bluetooth EDR 2.1 AGPS G-sensor, thus giving PTCL customers the freedom to surf, talk, tweet and do a lot more simultaneously on the go in more than 150 cities nationwide.
This device allows the user to sync with desktop computer. This means one can store, view and work on documents directly on your handheld. One can also receive and respond to emails as they arrive in the inbox on the home computer with real-time push email.
This revolutionary PTCL product can also serve as multimedia devices, so entertainment goes hand in hand. It can store and display pictures and videos of friends and family and even entire feature-length movies. Most can take pictures and capture video, but the most common multimedia function is the ability to play MP3s – sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite tunes while traveling or during breaks.
Another perk of using IVIO Icon Pro is the fairly recent development of third-party applications (or apps). These apps range from those geared toward hardworking business tasks to entertaining games and everything in between. With thousands of applications available to download in a range of prices, theres sure to be something that will appeal.
What is so exciting and enthralling about Pakistans first 3G enabled Android Smart phone is its blazing fast 3G speeds of EVO wireless broadband. Exhibiting dual support for Wi-Fi and 3G, IVIO Icon pro for browsing 24/7 without any limitations. Android 2.2 Froyo OS is packed with a full web browser and an entire suite of Google Apps and access to over 250 thousand applications from the android market.
It extends the gift of preserving every precious moment with Icons dual cameras. Capture excellent quality photos with the 5Mega Pixels Auto Focus Camera along with a front digital camera for video conferencing. The personal Mobile Hotspot lets the populace share 3G Internet connections with friends wirelessly and with an edge of Icon Pros in-built EVO 3G with smooth sharing of connection with friends.
It yields on-the-go Social Networking, offering dual support for Wi-Fi and 3G, keeping connected with the world 24/7, whether its for work or fun. Whether its on-the-go video conferencing with a client or accessing the internet for staying in touch with loved ones, one touch gives real time access to all be it social networks through the pre-installed Face book and Twitter apps; or a voice call through Skype or Viber. It gives uninterrupted connectivity to the customers without being worried about finding a Wi-Fi signal or being stuck with a slow data connection on their mobile every time they need connectivity on the go.
Generally, smart phones, are very expensive. However, PTCLs smart phone, IVIO Icon Pro offers is quite competitively priced. The pre-launch offers seem quite exciting with EVO WIND package, which is offering the smart phone along with 15 GB data for a period of 6 months only for Rs 17,999. EVO WINGS, offering the smart phone with 5GB data for a period of 3 months for Rs 19,999 only. The accounts can be recharged at a cost of Rs999 for Smart 5GB and Rs1, 999 for Smart 15GB.
The 3G EVO enabled Android Smart phone IVIO Icon Pro is the first in the evolution of the smart phone in Pakistan. As the vast selection of smart phone apps continue to grow rapidly, it would surely expand the phone’s capabilities almost daily.
So if you are seeking a smart phone for all the good reasons, IVIO Icon Pro is one of the best options to consider!!
The writer is a freelance journalist, a graduate of Quaid-e-Azam University and a Researcher based in Islamabad.

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