I AM doing MPhil in International Relations from the University of Sargodha. And also working at the university as an assistant (BPS 14).
Being a university employee, I could not avail myself of the facility of a free laptop scheme launched by the Chief Minister of Punjab.
Universities are autonomous bodies and owing to this they are not considered government institutions. The Public Service Commission does not consider the university employees government servants.
Owing to low salary package I could not afford to buy a laptop. The government should announce free laptops for university employees below BPS 16. Most of the teachers (BPS 17 or 18) are doing MPhil in universities but there are a few non-teaching staff who are doing MPhil.
Chief Minister Punjab is encouraging the people of Punjab to get higher education. I request him to provide free laptops to all those MPhil students who are university employees below BPS 16.
Muhammad Akram, Sargodha

By Web Team

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