THIS REFERS to the story published in Technology Times, titled “Genetically modified corn, maize damage Pak farming”.

This is a good article; people both farmers and consumers need to know pros and cons of agriculture biotechnology rather adopting it without knowledge of its long term effects.

Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta etc are pushing hard to sell its GMO or biotech seeds in developing countries like Pakistan due to poor biosafety regulatory system and it is easy to find ways in corrupt society; where everything is for sale including sovereignty of country – Eminent biotech scientists, policy makers, regulators are responsible for this negligence.

In the last two decade millions of tax payer money has been spent in this field, so far our scientists and big institutes failed to deliver any product; now they are lobbying for multinational seed firms like Monsanto and Pioneer just to cover up their weaknesses – while hoping to get something in return either an overseas trip or other incentives.

The big question is whether GM seed can solve world hunger problems or only a fairs tales stories to control our seed industry?

In March 2011 a coalition of family farmers, consumers and other critics of corporate agriculture held a town meeting to protest what they see as unfair consolidation of the nations food system into the hands of a few multinationals like Pioneer, Syngenta and Monsanto.

They contend that global biotech seed leader Monsanto controls theU.S.commercial seed market using unfair, and in some cases illegal, practices.

They argue that Monsanto, which develops, licenses and markets genetically altered corn, cotton, soybeans and other crops, manipulates the seed market by buying up independent seed companies, patenting seed products, and then spiking prices.

The group hopes to re-establish farmer rights to save seed from their harvested crops and replant it.

Please keep this debate open for all; this not an issue of one generation or two; who knows what will be its outcome in future

God help those who help themselves.

Dr. Waseem Mufti @TechnologyTimes

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