Rare species of turtle found in Pakistani waters

STAFF REPORT KHI: A WWF-Pakistan trained fisherman Hasnat Khan has recently caught, for the first time, a loggerhead turtle, a rare marine turtle hitherto unknown from the Pakistani waters, in his net which was later safely released back into the sea. The turtle became entangled in the net of the fisherman about 166 km southwest of Karachi.

The loggerhead turtle weighted about 30 kg and was safely retrieved on board the fishing vessel Al-Saquib Farman.

"When I noticed different

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Regional Symposium on Sea Turtle Concludes Landmark Judgment by the High Court

STAFF REPORT KHI: The two-day Regional Symposium on marine turtles and their conservation has concluded in Karachi, where experts from different countries participating in the event shared valuable experiences in turtle conservation in their countries.

The symposium was organized by IUCN under its "Saving the Endangered Sea Turtles" project funded by USAID Small Grants and Ambassador Funds Programme.

Marine turtle conservation experts from Bangladesh, Germany, Malaysia

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Experts at symposium focus on ways for sea turtle conservation

STAFF REPORT KHI: A regional symposium on marine turtle conservation has recently been organized by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, in Karchi, where international experts shared their knowledge, experiences and lessons learnt in sea turtle conservation in Asia. Marine turtle conservation experts from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand and Germany presented papers at the symposium with the aim to also explore opportunities for regional cooperation for

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