Advancement of science and technology in Pakistan

Science and technology are the key drivers in the acceleration of development in a society which directly

alter the living standards of the people, and the way they connect and communicate with each other.

Technological improvements provide a root to the advancement of economic development, health

system and infrastructure. The development of science and technology in developing countries plays a

crucial role in the reform of poverty level and technological

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Belarus, Pakistan to set up science, technology and innovation centre

MONITORING REPORT ISB: Belarus and Pakistan will set up a centre to coordinate sci-tech and innovative cooperation, Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus Alexander Shumilin told the media.

"In 2015 Belarus made serious progress in developing cooperation with such countries as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia. In autumn 2015 we held a joint Belarusian-Pakistani contest of sci-tech projects for 2016-2017 in various areas including nanotechnologies,

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