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WWF, Maldives sign deal to save tuna fish

STAFF REPORT LHR: The World Wide Fund for Nature, Pakistan, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture and the government of Maldives, through its Marine Research Centre (MRC) in order to support Maldives in its efforts to provide sustainable management of tuna fish in the Indian Ocean during the next three years.
The agreement aims to extend technical and institutional support for the development and conservation of Maldives’ marine resources and will focus on the development of sustainable management practices for skipjack and yellow fin tuna in the Maldives. 
The MoU also aims to build and strengthen collaboration between the organisation and the government, and to share scientific expertise. They will develop and participate in Fisheries Improvement Projects in order to address global issues such as climate change and its effect on fisheries.
The MRC has agreed to provide facilities for the collection of information about oceanographic parameters through use of scientific equipment and access to available data.
The WWF will provide technical expertise for capacity building and training exercises in areas including fish stock assessment, aquaculture practices, education and awareness and other related scientific studies.


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