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UIT's exhibition characterised by job opportunities

ISLAMABAD: Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) held its Annual Final Year Projects
Exhibition and Open House at its campus. On the sidelines of the big day, a job fair for the
institute's fresh graduates, featuring national and multinational firms and organisations was also
Usman Institute of Technology is one of Pakistan's top engineering and computer science
institutes offering undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science and electrical
engineering. The institution is affiliated with Pakistan's premier engineering institution NED
University of Engineering and Technology.
The Open House featured guided tours and presentations pertaining to the institute for guests,
parents and prospective students who looked forward to being enrolled in one of the institute's
prestigious degree programs. The Open House was divided into three separate sessions, each
spanning two hours to accommodate as many guests as possible.
The Final Year's Projects Exhibition showcased numerous innovative technology based projects
that had been conceived and materialised by graduating students of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science departments of UIT. Some of these projects steeped in innovation and
originality have already won appreciation at various competitions.
Commenting about the most happening day, Dr Zahir Ali Syed, Director UIT said that UIT has
quickly established its mark in higher education in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.
“Our vision is deeply etched in our conscience that we have to bring about a generation,
particularly sensitive towards needs of the Pakistani society and industry. Using their knowledge
and skills our students come up with practical applications of technology to solve our national
and local problems. We see this commitment translating into visible outcome in form of
accolades our students have been gathering in their respective fields,” he commented.


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