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Tackling climate change ‘Invest in green tech’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan needs to make fundamental changes in production and consumption
patterns and the services sector to tackle climate issues and vulnerabilities, says Climate Change
Minister Zahid Hamid. 
All sections of society including government departments, the private sector and individuals
must play their part in bringing about this transformation to sustainable consumption and
production patterns, which is an essential requirement of development, Climate Change Minister
Zahid Hamid said at a two-day workshop on sustainable consumption and production organised
by the Ministry of Climate Change.
He stressed the need for an efficient and affordable use of natural resources which can reduce
vulnerabilities to climate change and help achieve food, water and energy security, lessen
pressure on natural resources.
UNDP representative in Pakistan Neil Buhne said Pakistan’s huge population presented a major
He said that the government’s Vision 2025 was analogous to the SDGs. He highlighted that
plastic bags were a threat to the environment and that a fee for plastic bags similar to the UK and
other countries could reduce their use.


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