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Solar power firm plans to install generation facilities

STAFF REPORT KHI: A solar power generator has come up with an innovative plan, where a company intends to install small-scale solar generation facilities at various premises. 

Shams Power (Private) Limited has approached the Nepra for generation of 50MW gross combined capacity of various generation facilities to be installed at the sites of various buyers through Solar PV Modules.

The generation facilities would be at the premises of the buyers' and; therefore, the company does not require purchasing or acquiring a particular site.

Moreover, the electricity so generated would not be sold to any electricity utility or a distribution company.

According to the business plan of Shams Power, it intends to sell electricity to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural entities through its own complete off-grid solution of electricity based on solar power. The company would plan, design, procure material, construct, install, operate and maintain generating facilities at sites of the buyers.

The company plans to install various generation facilities at the sites of the buyers and understands that the activity of generation and sale of electricity would take place within the same premises without crossing any other property or requiring the use of transmission or distribution lines.

Shams Power plans to implement the project in phases with Phase-1 comprising 1.2MW and Phase-2 comprising 48.8MW by gradually increasing the number of generation facilities at various sites of the prospective buyers.


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