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Pollination vital to boost crop production

STAFF REPORT IBD:     Pakistan’s industry is based on agriculture so the pollination is an important factor that relates to productivity and food security. Pollinators play a significant role in the production of food crops in the world. Almost all fruit and grain crops require pollination to produce their crop.
“The support of FAO and other international partners is a good step for initiating activities of conservation and management of pollinators for sustainable agriculture through an ecosystem approach in Pakistan,” said PARC Chairman Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad during a recently held two-day “National Policy Workshop on Conservation and Management of Pollinators”.
He said FAO and Pakistan has deep relationship for the development of agriculture.
He also urged the concerned scientists to arrange such national workshop to create awareness among the communities to formulate important policies and programs for promoting the role of pollinators in achieving crop productivity and environment protection goals.
In his remarks, Patrick T. Evans, FAO Representative, said that highlighted various aspects of honey, pollination and pollinators importance, increasing challenges of pesticides and consequence due the careless in pesticides use.
The experts said pollinators are most important for food security of the world as well as in Pakistan both for quantity and quality.


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