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Hubco signed contract with GE for 1,292MW plant

STAFF REPORT KHI: Hubco (Hub Power Company) signed an agreement with GE (General Electronics) for provision of GE’s digital industrial solution to the 1,292MW Hubco power plant in Baluchistan. 
Khalid Mansoor, CEO Hubco said at the occasion, “Hubco is contented to work with GE; these solutions from GE are game changer for energy sector, once installed and implemented at the Hubco Power Plant these digital industrial solutions will increase the reliability of operations of Hubco.
Steve Bolze, GE Power’s CEO and President said: “We have been gratified to support Pakistan’s sector for more than 50 years with both hardware and software solutions. Energy is progressively converting digital; GE’s solutions are helping to maximize the reliability, efficiency and resiliency of the grid.”
“This contract with Hubco spots the sixth placement of our advanced digital industrial solutions in Pakistan, highlighting our loyalty to provide Pakistan with our cutting-edge technology.”
Cloud-based GE’s Digital Power Plant operating system features a set of software solutions permitting operators to monitor processes across all touchpoints in real-time. It also facilitates to identify any maintenance challenges ahead of time, directing to better asset uptime and reduced unplanned downtime.
Being Pakistan’s largest independent steam plant, Hubco operates four 323MW generating units and supplies power to the national grid.


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