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Floriculture possesses great export potential

STAFF REPORT IBD: The export potential of floriculture industry of Pakistan is in the global markets like UAE, Saudi Arabia and Russia and European Union. This is because in Pakistan majority of flowers are produced in winter while Europe yields low production in the same season due to snow. 
Pakistan Scientific & Technological Information Centre, PASTIC (Sub-Centre Peshawar), a subsidiary of Pakistan Science Foundation, PSF, in collaboration with Institute of Research Promotion, IRP and University of Haripur organized UIP-Seminar on “Innovative Technologies for Floriculture” at University of Haripur.
The main objective of the seminar was to highlight floral industry importance, export potential pre and post harvest problems (faced by the farmers), required technologies and to develop a correlation between research objectives and the Industry priorities. It was emphasized in the seminar that in Pakistan flower business is mainly concentrated around the big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. 
The speakers said that there is need to extend this business in other cities across the country as it is the best option to enhance the income for the poor.
However, they highlighted that there is lack of resources and skilled persons and technologies to develop the floriculture industry up to international stander.


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