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Experts stress protection of natural resources

STAFF REPORT LHR: With a mission to promote awareness among people about earth’s natural environment, biodiversity and ecosystem, the International Earth Day was observed.
Under the theme of “Trees for Earth”, the day signified the importance of trees in our surroundings as well as broadening the horizons towards planting trees.
Due to increasing environmental awareness and education, positive role of the media and decision makers, the annual deforestation rate in Pakistan has decreased to 1.6 percent per annum, according to a 2012 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
WWF-Pakistan celebrated the Earth Day by carrying out tree plantation drives to raise environmental awareness while symbolically tackling deforestation.
WWF-Pakistan Director General Hammad Naqi Khan, said, “Taking this opportunity, WWF seeks your support to mitigate pollution, curb deforestation and manage our water resources on priority to enable us live in harmony with nature.”
An event was also organised in collaboration with Beaconhouse School System, Johar Town Junior Campus, where Earth Day was celebrated through a thematic environmental puppet show.
Exhibits were made by students from recycled material as a gesture to reduce their ecological footprint. All the students of the school pledged to protect the earth and planted saplings on the occasion.
Tree plantation drives aim to sensitise students to reduce their carbon footprint and burden on the environment. Various other schools, colleges and universities that have partnered with WWF-Pakistan’s Green School Programme and International Eco-Internship Programme also participated in the Earth Day tree plantation drive.


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