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Experts stress nuclear technology to address energy needs

STAFF REPORT ISB: Experts and scholars at a recently held seminar-cum-workshop while discussing issues related to peaceful use of nuclear technology and non-proliferation regime have stressed the international community to understand the energy needs and security compulsions of Pakistan.
The event, organised by the Strategic Vision Institute (SVI), was aimed at analysing the current issues in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear technology, non-proliferation as well as nuclear safety and security, for mid-career civil and military officers, young academics and journalists.
Dr Shahid Bukhari from Islamia University Bahawalpur stressed that the international community needs to understand the growing energy crises, economic challenges, regional political developments as well as the security compulsions of Pakistan. He stated that nuclear technology provided for civilian purposes should, and did not, need to be misused.
Rizwan Sharif, a lecturer at FJWU, said, “Nuclear technology is closely connected to our lives. The scope of peaceful use of nuclear technology can be widened to serve us in a better way, provided we make the necessary safety and security measures.”
Air Commodore Ghulam Mujahid discussed the prospects of nuclear power generation in Pakistan, and the drawbacks attached to it.
PAEC Applied Systems Analysis Division Director Ghulam Rasool Athar, while presenting on “nuclear power generation and Pakistan’s energy crisis” discussed options for power generation.


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