You Are At Technology TimesNews44 th convocation of Fast-NUCES held in Islamabad

44 th convocation of Fast-NUCES held in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad (Fast-
NUCES) held its 44 th convocation and the speakers of the event have stressed the need for
personality development of students and imparting them scientific education. 
The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad (Fast-NUCES) held its
44 th convocation on Wednesday where degrees were awarded to 357 bachelor’s, master’s and
PhD candidates.
Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Ahsan Iqbal as well as the deputy
chairman of the Planning Commission, attended the event.
Fast Director Dr Arshad Ali Shahid, in his welcome address, narrated the history of the
Islamabad Campus of FAST-NUCES, how it started 20 years ago, and how in such a short span
of time, it has now become what he described as one of the most vibrant, effective, and
rewarding seats of higher learning in the country.
The commitment of the faculty, hard work of the students, and support and guidance of the
university management has helped the campus reach this enviable stature, he said.
He also mentioned that Fast’s PhD programme undoubtedly held the most significant
contribution by any single university, in terms of both quality and quantity of computer science
research in Pakistan, pointing to the fact that it had produced 22 PhDs.
Fast Rector Dr Amir Muhammed noted that character-building and personality-development of
the youth should be the foremost goal in education.
“Pakistan is a nation of approximately 200 million, blessed with priceless resources, both
material and human. We can take on challenges by equipping our youth with science and
technology coupled with high moral values,” he concluded.


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