Volume 07 Issue 16

  • Bills passed to control cyber, forex crimes in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Terrorism, hacking, electronic forgery & fraud, child pornography have been declared punishable offences in Pakistan as the National Assembly has recently two passed bills – “The Foreign Exchange Regulation (Amendment) Bill, 2014” and “Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, 2016”. Minister of State for IT Anusha Rehman moved the Foreign Exchange Regulation (Amendment) Bill, 2014” and it was approved by the House without much criticism from the opposition parties as most of their amendments were accommodated in it after deliberations at the…Read More

  • Swedish team, Anusha discuss IT&T sector progress

    STAFF REPORT ISB: A five-member delegation, headed by Ambassador of Sweden Tomas Rosander, has called on Minister of State for IT & Telecom Anusha Rahman here in Islamabad. During the meeting, matters of mutual concern and elevation of consensual collaboration in the arena of IT & telecom were deliberated upon.  The minister acquainted the ambassador concerning key initiatives being taken by the Ministry of IT for pervasive sectoral progress. Anusha also indicated tha…Read More

  • HEC seeks France help for new incubation centres

      STAFF REPORT ISB: French Ambassador Martine Dorance has recently visited the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Secretariat and met with the commission’s chairman, Dr Mukhtar Ahmed. The ambassador was accompanied by Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Andre de Bussy. Dr Ahmed briefed the Ambassador regarding achievements made by the HEC since its inception, as well as future projects planned by the commission to make higher education accessible in all regions.…Read More

  • PMNH organises national mushroom festival

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Museum of Natural History has organized a two-day National Mushroom Festival in Ghora Gali, Murree, in collaboration with Agri Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan and Agri Education Pakistan. Mushroom Hunting Tour was arranged on the first day in Ghora Gali, Murree, in which participants were trained about how to hunt and identify edible and non-edible mushrooms by Akhlaq Khan Kakar, working as Mushrooms Specialist for 25 years. Mushrooms hunting was carried out on 6km track, participants enjoyed scenic na…Read More

  • Govt asked to revive troubled water industry

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Chairman of the United International Group Mian Shahid has asked the government to take steps to revive dairy industry which is facing problems due to increased cost of inputs.  Additional cost of inputs has pushed the vibrant dairy sector into crisis as the cost of doing business has increased by seven percent, he said.  Mian Shahid said that local and foreign investors have invested around 700 million dollars in the dairy sector in last five years which is being reduced due to lack of interest. He said that government has reduced duty on import of milk from Saarc countries to 15 percent while India has slapped 68 percent dut…Read More

  • NUST stands among world’s top 150 young universities

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The NUST stands among the top world 150 young universities in a ranking unveiled by The Times Higher Education (THE). The ranking of the world’s top universities, under 50 years of age has École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, founded in 1969 in Switzerland, at the top spot. NUST, founded in 1991, has 9,808 students with a 7.8 student-staff ratio. Of its total enrollment, three percent of the students are international whereas female-male ratio is 27:73. …Read More

  • Viper plans further expansion, seeks govt support

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Viper Technology – one of Pakistan’s oldest computer brands – is eying nation-wide expansion, especially by increasing its footprint in the education sector. “Viper is the only Pakistani brand dealing in desktop computers, laptops, and tablets that has survived the beating from ‘higher taxes’ and influx of used computers that flooded the country over the past decade, Viper CEO Khushnood Aftab told the media. Fast forward to 2016, the company has become one of the top selling PC b…Read More

  • Integration of ICT in teaching, learning reviewed

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Minister of State for Education Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman has chaired the advisory committee meeting here to review the process of integration of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in teaching and learning processes in schools, reviving Education Management Information System for a proactive role in policy, research, planning and management and outline of sustainable development goals plan. The meeting discussed in detail the issues including preparing children for the digital worl…Read More

  • Experts for research-based solutions to energy crisis

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Academicians and experts at an international conference recently held in Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) have called for developing research-based indigenous mechanism to overcome energy and environment related issues. AIOU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Shahid Siddiqui, while inaugurating the conference, said it was aimed at giving research-based findings and recommendations to implement the Paris’s summit’s declaration.  The university, he added, is actively engaged in c…Read More

  • PhD holders fleeing Balochistan

    STAFF REPORT ISB: More than 70 faculty members of Balochistan universities having PhD degrees left the province and shifted to other parts of the country in 2015 due to financial woes and security issues, says a rights watchdog. The federal and provincial governments as well as regulator of the higher education have so far failed to pay salaries to them. As many as 100 PhD faculty members are imparting education to students at various Balochistan universities. In its annual report for 2015 launched recently,…Read More

  • PCRWR declares 22 water brands not drinkable

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) has revealed that in an analytical findings 22 brands of mineral water were found to be unsafe due to chemical or microbiological contamination. These brands included Coral Water, HI-Fresh, New Nation, Pak Aqua, HFC, Total, NG Fresh Water, ECO, Al-Habib, Silver, ORION, Aqua Arabia, Well Care, Desert Dew, New Deep, Lite Aqua, Aqua Smart, Avalon Pure Water, New Smart Aqua, Mazan Pure, Royal Blue and Aqua National, said a press release issued here …Read More

  • Virtual university graduates awarded degrees

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The 7th convocation of Virtual University of Pakistan has recently been held for the graduating students of Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters for Lahore and adjoining areas.Degrees were conferred upon 1908 graduates who successfully completed their Bachelors, Masters and Master of Science programs from the University. A total of 35 Merit Certificates, 5 Gold Medals and 2 Tablets were also awarded to outstanding graduates. The convocation was attend…Read More

  • HEC chief, Afghan envoy discuss education coop

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Afghan ambassador Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal has recently visited Higher Education Commission Secretariat in Islamabad. He was accompanied by Jallat Khan Zahid Fayaz, Second Secretary for Education and Cultural Affairs. On the occasion, HEC Chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed presented an overview of the Commission’s initiatives and achievements during last 13 years. He explained how the government’s commitment to develop higher education and a considerable increase in funding has brought remarkable changes in t…Read More

  • Pakistan seeks US support in HR development

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan has sought the assistance of the US for human resource development in the country.  “We are keen to benefit from the strength of the top U.S. universities to train our strategic human resource for transforming Pakistan into a knowledge economy,” said Ahsan Iqbal, Minister for Planning, Development and Reform, at a recently held meeting with US Assistant Secretary Education and Cultural Affairs Evan Ryan. The minister said that Pakistan-USA knowledge corridor can build a …Read More

  • Environment-damaging polythene bags still in use

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Despite ban on polythene bags, their use and production continues and goes unchecked in the federal capital. “The stall holders at Sunday bazar’s use black polythene bags without any hesitation,” said Shahid Akram a resident of G-9. “Under Capital Development Authority (CDA)’s nose, the stall holders of fruit and vegetable at the same time cheat the buyers by selling sub-standard food items,” a shopper Farzana Ahmed said.” “The ban on polythene bags is entirely in favou…Read More

  • Radio Pakistan to be available on cell phones

    STAFF REPORT ISB: All channels of Radio Pakistan would be available on mobile phones by the end of coming June due to hard-work by radio professionals, Secretary Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage, Syed Irman Gardezi said. Addressing the prize distribution ceremony at Pakistan Broadcasting Academy, he said the merit based induction would give a new lease of life to Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC). He advised the new inductees to work hard and contribute as a team for Radio Pakistan. The secretary urged the …Read More

  • PCSIR, RCCI join hands for demand-driven research

    STAFF REPORT RWP: The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) and Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). Under the MoU, both RCCI and PCSIR would jointly explore, initiate and undertake industry/market oriented demand driven research and development projects and other activities for improving exports and research.  PCSIR is providing high quality testing and certifications to the industries and we covered …Read More

  • Zong celebrates being top of PTA QoS survey

    STAFF REPORT ISB: The nation’s 3G & 4G mobile operator, Zong, has been declared the best performer in almost all voice and data service quality elements amongst all local mobile operators in Pakistan, as per official results announced by PTA on its website. PTA conducted the survey for all aspects of network performance, out of which Zong stood the leading network operator in terms of both voice and data services. Zong led the survey in network accessibility, grade of service, call connection time, call completion…Read More

  • KU research centre declared food-testing lab

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency (IAQA) has declared HEJ, Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi (KU) standard laboratory for pesticide residue testing of food ingredients. After having a substantial research in Pakistan, the IAQA has taken this decision to comply with Indonesian import regulations. The Industrial Analytical Centre (IAC), offering unique service in Pakistan, works under HEJ, Research Institute of Chemistry, International Centre for Chemical and Biological Scienc…Read More

  • Nordic experts visit Pakistan for business summit

    STAFF REPORT ISB: A business delegation comprising representatives of over 40 companies from the Northern Europe and the North Atlantic region (Nordic) has recently conjoined in Islamabad for the Nordic Pakistan Business Summit. “This year’s business summit was one of the biggest business promotional events ever done in Pakistan,” said Wille Eerola, Chairman of the Summit. The summit discussed businesses in the sustainable energy, education and healthcare sectors – three of the many areas where expe…Read More

  • Talented Pakistani Samira excels in rescue missions with drones

    MONITORING REPORT ISB: Pakistani origin woman, Samira Hayt, is aggressively doing research work to develop a drones network to cater to the needs at mega work places or regions. “My research explores networks of drones. Drones that perform aerial patrols of vast areas and solve complicated tasks often rely on a large number of individual helicopters, which have to cooperate and communicate. This requires network technologies,” said Samira while talking to media. Compared to network…Read More

  • 50 foreign firms to showcase latest tech in Lahore

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The expected participation of at least 50 foreign companies in the upcoming China Agro Chemical (CAC) Summit shows their interest in the agricultural potential of Pakistan, said Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) President Sheikh Muhammad Arshad. The summit, scheduled to be held on May 9 and 10 in Lahore, is expected to be attended by representatives of Indian, Chinese, Iranian and Egyptian companies. “This would add another chapter of success to the history of int…Read More

  • Forests area squeezes from 150,000 to 60,000 sq miles

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Experts at the inaugural ceremony of tree plantation campaign have shown concern over the rapid curtailment in forest area in the country from 150,000 square miles to 60,000 square miles. They also said that plantation would not only be beneficial for country’s environmental system but it would also reduce negative effects of global warming. The ceremony was organised by the University of Karachi’s Registrar Office in collaboration with KU Centre of Excellence for Women Studies and WW…Read More

  • IT remains 3rd highest sector for new firms enrolment

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Despite human resource challenges and tax issues, IT sector has been flourishing in Pakistan at least in terms of new company registrations. Fresh data shows that 413 new IT companies registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) during July-2015 to March-2016 as the IT Industry came third in registration of new companies during current financial year till March 2016. On average, 45 new IT companies enrolled with the authority per month during July t…Read More

  • Water: A nature’s gift for living things

    The characteristic of water is that water have dull, no taste and fragrance-free. Water is essential for every type of life. All customs of life need water for its survival. Two third portion of human body is composed of water. We have to drink water as our life cannot exist without it. Water is necessary to perform different function for life. Water is used for cooking, to wash hands and to keep clean our body. All nutrients in plants are transported by water. Water prevents plants from heat stress by its cooling effect. All form of life like plants, animals and microbes would die…Read More

  • Nutritional value of chickpea (gram)

    INTRODUCTION: Chickpea (CicerarietinumL.) is an important pulse crop grown and consumed all over the world, especially in the Afro-Asian countries. In the last cropping year, Pakistan had produced 673,000 tons of chickpea (white gram) and black gram, up from less than 300,000 tons a year ago. For this year, the output estimates vary between 700,000 and 750,000 tons, as per the information gathered by provincial agricultural departments reveal. Gram is one of the top 10 pulses produced in the country and accounts for 70 per cent of the total pulses output whi…Read More

  • Lamudi reports on real estate market boom

    House-hunting is moving online in the emerging markets as property-seekers embrace the internet as a tool for finding their dream home, according to a new report from global real estate portal Lamudi. Lamudi, the real estate classifieds marketplace focusing on the emerging markets, this week released its second annual research report. The 2015 real estate market report provides expert insights into the future of real estate in countries including Pakistan. The report found that the house-hunting process is shifting online in emerging markets, with bo…Read More

  • Yellow/stripe rust in wheat

    Wheat is the major and staple crop in Pakistan. It is cultivated on more than eight million hectares. Major limiting factor to the production of wheat is the diseases caused by fungus, nematodes, bacteria and other A-biotic factors. Wheat yellow rust is present worldwide causing more than 70% losses in wheat. Four major epidemics due to yellow rust were recorded in 1978, 1997-98 and 2005 and caused loses of US 244 million dollars, 33 million dollars and 100 million dollars to the Pakistan economy. The pathogen pucciniastriiformisf.sp. tritici infect the green tissues of the crop …Read More

  • Historical prospects and importance of biological control

    What is biological control? It is a technique of controlling organisms including (insects, mites, weeds and plant diseases) by means of certain other living organisms or their products. It is a way of keeping pests below economic injury levels by the action of microbes, predators and parasitoids. Biological control is an element of an integrated pest management approach. It is an environmentally safe and efficient means of reducing pests by the use of natural enemies. Biological control agents are Predators, Parasitoid insects and Micro-organisms (bacteria, virus and fungi). There are three important principles of biocontrol i.e. Importati…Read More

  • IPM – a promise to pest control and environment safety

    Agriculture, being dominant sector of economy, contributes 22% in to the Gross Domestic product (GDP) and engages 44% of employed labour force. No doubt all roads to the nation’s socio-economic progress and prosperity lead through a modernizing agriculture. Instead of its undeniable significanceunfortunately, Pakistan has made no significant development in this field, due to economic and some policy constraints. As for as plant protection measurements are concerned, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effec…Read More

  • Awareness about mosquito repellent plants

    Mosquito species found in many parts of the world can transmit a number of diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever. Because there is no specific treatment for many of the mosquito-borne diseases, and few vaccines or medicines available to prevent them, the best protection is to avoid mosquito bites. (Also see your doctor before travel for anti-malarial medication if going to a malaria-risk area.)  Over 1 million people die from mosquito-borne diseases every year, and hundreds of millions more experience pain and suff…Read More

  • Need to keep panama disease at bay

    Panama disease of banana is posing a great risk to global banana production in many states. Tropical Race 4 (TR4), which affects Cavendish bananas as well as many other banana cultivars, was confirmed for the first time outside Southeast Asia in Jordan in 2013. This disease has drastically declined the banana production in most of the states. In Pakistan, bananas are majorly produced in the Sindh and Balochistan provinces. Symptoms of Fusarium wilt, including wilting of leaves and vascular discoloration in rhizomes and pseudostems, were first observed in 2012 in a 2-ha Cavendish plantation in Sindh. However, by 2014, approximately 121 ha were affected with this disease. Bananas can b…Read More