Volume 06 Issue 51

  • Notorious tiny creature - Dengue Virus

      According to a famous saying of Winston Churchill, “However, beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”. This quote can be applied to our programs and strategies for the control of Dengue Virus at provincial and national levels. If we look at the recent history of Dengue Virus in Pakistan, in November, 2010, more than 21,204 people were diagnosed with dengue fever and the severity of epidemic was greatest in Lahore. Despite the efforts of the government of Pakistan, more than 14,000 people were infected and …Read More

  • Communication gap, agriculture training needs

    Agriculture is one of the predominant sectors of Pakistan’s economy. It not only provides us food for our growing population but is also a source of raw materials for our principal industries as well as foreign exchange for our government. But nowadays, communication gap between farmers and agriculture officers is a major and emerging issue in our agriculture sector.  Main issue in this sector is that our agriculture graduates complete their graduation and they still don’t know about the major terms & methods that is very obligatory for Pakistan’…Read More

  • Pharmacy careers in Pakistan: In focus industrial pharmacy

    A degree in Pharmacy can open doors of a diverse range of careers due to its multidimensional exposure from human sciences to an experience of an art. As a profession Pharmacy is undergoing rapid change and despite its neglected role in most developing countries it is undergoing a huge transition with a focus on clinical and regulatory aspects. However, in the current article I will try to share my own experiences of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Pakistan and the sort of opportunities it has to offer for Pharmacists. As a fresh graduate myself I was quite tempted …Read More

  • Pakistan’s future: innovation

    In this knowledge-driven world, only countries that invest in their real wealth – their children – can progress. Others are relegated to the fate of beggars and borrowers, living on the little charity that organisations such as the World Bank or IMF may bestow on them. Drowning in debt, our leaders would have us believe that all is rosy.  The hard facts are in fact quite the opposite, and the day draws closer when the ‘nuclear noose’ will be tightened – give up the nuclear weapons or choose bankruptcy. Oblivious to this impending disaster we continue to bor…Read More

  • Applications, advantages of artificial seed

    Artificial seed is an encapsulation of somatic embryo, shoot buds or aggregates of cell or any tissues which has the ability to form a plant in in-vitro or ex vivo condition. Artificial seed is a promising technique for the propagation of transgenic plants, polyploids with elite traits on seed producing plants and plant lines that has problem in seed propagation. Artificial seed is clonal technique and it cuts short the laborious procedure of conventional recombination breeding and can bring the advancements of biotechnology to the doorsteps of farmer in a cost ef…Read More

  • Ikebana - an important technique of flower arrangement

    In modern ages, with devouring crew of hard work, it is very essential to represent hand work with reasonable, descent and attractive way. Representation of work has much more prominence. Some nations have natural aptitude to embellish their work by using resourceful use of extraordinary creative techniques. Amalgamation of hand work and inventiveness along with positive enthusiasm results in marvellous universal attainments. Technology can only ease the man but creative hand work can amuse, placate and please the man and also provide more gratification then mechanical work. In thi…Read More

  • Revival of science subjects

    Though the education environment is getting improved in the country, courtesy the classified institutions, yet the students’ interest towards science subjects is comparatively below the required mark. Surveys show that school students in India see science as the most prestigious and glamorous career to pursue. For them Einstein, Stephen Hawking, black holes and genes is the way to go. Although most students eventually opt for more ‘normal’ professions, yet sufficient numbers persist and some eventually rank among the world’s better scientists; which has been key to India’s emergence as a rising state. A good part of the answer comes from looking at our locally-authored science textbook…Read More

  • Digital economy, continuous innovation keys to successes: Dawra

      Aamir Dawra is co-founder and co-owner of Online Bazaar Pakistan (an online fashion market). He has a special edge in entrepreneurial skills. His business is flourishing not only in Pakistan but also getting a marvelous response from the world. During his recent interview with the Technology Times, he explains about his business start-up and the online market experiences.     Brief us about yourself, professional highlights and your interests? Yousu…Read More

  • Biodiversity conservation still a distant dream despite ‘initiatives’

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan has come up with a comprehensive plan for biodiversity conservation and protection with the aim to control biodiversity loss, restore ecosystems and promote sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of the present and future generations. All the provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan have approved the draft National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP). Though the government authorities believe the draft plan has paved the way for its implementation next year, yet this dream look distant as the ground situation especi…Read More

  • Workshop stresses need for quality education

    STAFF REPORT ISB: UNESCO, UNICEF and the Education Ministry have jointly organized the first national consultation workshop on Sustainable Development Goal for devising a roadmap and effective strategies to ensure quality education and meet the goals set for 2030 at the World Education Summit. The workshop was drawn upon the Framework for Action (FFA) Education 2030 adopted in November last by the UNESCO member states with the aim to supporting all countries to realize their own vision and ambitions for education. The event was attended by o…Read More

  • 933 degrees awarded at IoBM convocation

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The convocation of IoBM has recently been held where about 933 degrees in various disciplines were awarded to successful graduates. Former acting president and chairman senate of Pakistan, Muhammad Mian Soomro, awarded the degrees as chief guest. The degrees were conferred in disciplines including Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Media Studies, Actuarial Science and Risk Management, Computer Science, Management and IT, Industrial Engineering and Management, Advertising and Media management, Finance and Risk Management, Indus…Read More

  • Mobilink equips needy youth with tools to shape future

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Mobilink has successfully completed its nationwide ‘ICT Enhancement Program’ in partnership with Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP).    Under the initiative, Mobilink has set up six state-of-the-art ICT labs in its partner schools to ensure youth from marginalized communities are equipped to thrive in the fast evolving digital economy.    This initiative, launched five months ago, saw Mobilink and PCP join hands to identi…Read More

  • CRFG to build Dasu project resettlement sites

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The WAPDA has signed a contract worth Rs.571.95 million with China Railway First Group (CRFG) for construction of resettlement sites and Shatial museum - the components of Dasu Hydropower Project.  The contract includes construction of three sites for resettlement of the proj…Read More

  • NCT launches website for update information

    STAFF REPORT ISB: The newly elected body of National Council for Tibb after taking charge focused on issuance of pending registrations since one year and till now 4,000 registrations have been renewed and issued 1100 new registrations and 400 council ID cards. Besides, diplomas of all tibia colleges of 2013 and 19 tibia colleges of 2014 have been issued.  …Read More

  • Arsenic, lead increasing in Indus River water

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Amount of arsenic and lead is increasing in the water of Indus River at an alarming stage, reveals a recent independent research.    About 70 water samples were collected from 70 different locations of upper Indus basin, glaciated valleys, and nallas from Gilgit/Biltistan.   Highest sampling elevation was 4683 m near Khunjrab Pass by lowest about 76 m after Hyderabad city, the report said.   At 24 places water coming from…Read More

  • Ambassador visits NARC for Pak-Uzbek farm research

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Ambassador of Uzbekistan in Islamabad, Furkat A. Sidikov, has taken keen interest in the agricultural machinery, plant genetic resources, horticultural and other inventions of NARC.  The ambassador has recently visited the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) t…Read More