Volume 06 Issue 50

  • Science Journalism – building public engagement in science

    “I saw on TV…”, “I heard on radio…” and “I read in the newspaper…” are phrases that catch our attention. In the 21st century, the mass media has become the most influential medium that communicates to large numbers of individuals. News is the building block that helps us to construct an understanding of the world we live in, and science and technology (S&T) are principal dynamics in shaping tomorrow’s world. Research and innovation have been acknowledge as key factors in meeting the numerous challenges of our time such as energy supply, food security, health and mobilit…Read More

  • IT working its magic on realty

    Real estate agents in Pakistan were once not much more than travelling salesmen, only that they gathered details of probable realty products to sell rather than actually making the sales.The industry has normally been associated with cold callings owners, ringing doorbells to find out if a house was up for sale or lease, numerous dejections and the long wait for clients inside shanty offices. But technology has offered much redemption to real estate agents in Pakistan, with most now running businesses with a few clicks on the computer. Gone are th…Read More

  • Winners of Technology Times annual Essay Writing Contest awarded

      Continuing with its annual feature of essay competition, the Technology Times conducted the Essay Writing Contest-2015 on “How to make Pakistan science conscious”. A large number of universities, colleges and general public from across Pakistan participated in the activity. This Essay Writing Contest has grown into a very large activity as the participating number of students, colleges and universities is increasing continually each year. Technology Times had started the Essay Writing Contest in 2011 and gradually it expanded this feature to greater number of citi…Read More

  • Herbs and spices as medicinal plants

    Food has been used throughout the history for healing and to help us in maintaining high levels of wellbeing. Getting all the goodness we need from food can be difficult, especially in this age of processed, homogenized, irradiated and genetically modified food. Generally speaking, the most important point is to enjoy a balanced diet comprising fresh, whole and organic foods. Further than this, foods have particular nutritional properties and so may be used as targeted health tonics. Herbs and spices are no exception and can be added to various dishes easily, mixed int…Read More

  • Cybercrime, electronic crimes, Pakistan

    Pakistan is pushing forward its version of CISPA/CISA, the PECB (Prevention of Electronic Crime Bill). Much like in the US, legislators have put this together without the input of legal or technical experts and, to make matters worse, this one is being pushed under a regime already known for intrusive surveillance.  Everyone (except the bill’s supporters) finds the proposed bill to be terrible. A coalition of Pakistan’s leading online rights groups and businesses have warned the current version, written with no input from …Read More

  • Farmers know about inoculants?

    Inoculants usually known as “Microbial inoculants” or “Soil inoculants” are agricultural amendments that use beneficial rhizosphere microbes to promote plant health. These live microbes form symbiotic relationships with the target crop plants benefitting both parties. These microbes residing in the nodules on the roots of leguminous crops are responsible for fixing nitrogen. The application of the inoculants is little bit tricky and training demanding to maximize the nitrogen delivered especially when using in dry sowing, in acidic soils and when applying the fertilize…Read More

  • Fully equipped smart phones ready to dominate Pakistani market

    STAFF REPORT KHI: With the invasion of information and communications technology in almost every field of life ranging from personal life to interaction with people living on the other side of the globe, the smart phones are eventually set to take over. Pakistan for the last couple of years has opened its market for innovative initiatives particularly e-commerce, e-education, e-banking, e-governance, online shopping, etc. which has not only led to improved performance but also helped people interact with individuals as well as companies to grab share in the inte…Read More

  • Before it is too late!

    It was rare but alarming that only days before the October earthquake, most parts of the northern areas of Pakistan received heavy early snowfall and remained cut off from the country, forcing an emergency evacuation of thousands of people trapped there. Even Naran was buried under four feet of snow which was the earliest snowfall in the area since 40 years. This is not the first unusual weather event this year as in July a heavy downpour created flash floods and glacial lake bursts in Chitral valley, leaving a trail of destruction across the district. Unusual weather patterns of this sort are becoming more and more frequent, and almost always hit the mountainous areas the hardest. T…Read More

  • Market analysis major tool to stay on winning stand: Zia

    Zia Ghafoor is currently working as CEO of MONT5: His Company has a potential share in offering services in cyber entrepreneurship. He believes feeling costomers’ pulse is key to success in the current market where cut-throat competition is the only option of survival as well as growth. During his detailed interview with the Technology Times, he explained how a cyber company can expand its customer base and deliver in a perfect manner Brief us about yourself, professional highlights and your interests? A: Born and bred in Pakistan, over the years, we (I…Read More