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  • Schiff bases & its significance

    A SCHIFF base contains a functional group that possesses a characteristic double bond between carbon and nitrogen in which nitrogen is directly connected to an aryl or alkyl group. Schiff bases were first synthesized in 1864 by a German chemist Hugo Schiff. The general formula of Schiff base is R1CH=NR2, where R1 and R2 are aryl, cycloalkyl, alkyl or heterocyclic groups. These bases possess azomethine group (-C=N) so these are also called as azomethines, imines or anils. In nature, an imine group (-C=N) is present in the molecular chain of Ancistrocladidine tha…Read More

  • Impacts of the Pesticides Used in the Agriculture Sector on the Pollinators

    THE POLLINATION is a pivotal process in almost all productive ecosystems but pollination has been generally overlooked until very recently. The vital roles of pollinators are no less important in remote wilderness of the Arctic and deserts than in highly managed farming system. There are roughly 200,000 varieties of animal pollinators in the wild, most of which are insects. Entomophily, pollination by insects, often occurs on plants that have developed colored petals and a strong scent to attract insects such as, bees, wasps and occasionally ants (Hymenopter…Read More

  • LG Showcases Latest IT Solutions in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT KHI: LG Electronics a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics organized a seminar with the aim to showcase LG’s latest IT devices for the Pakistan market. The event took place at a local hotel in Karachi, where VIP customers and guests were able to learn about several of the latest LG IT communications and display solutions, including the flagship LG PC Gram, the 21:9 Curved Ultra Wide Monitor and Minibeam projectors. Mr. S.K. Yoon, General Manager, IT Product Division Head, LG Electronics Gulf FZE stated: “With huge growth potential and …Read More

  • Telenor Khushaal Zamindar Wins PIF Award

    STAFF REPPORT IBD: Pakistan’s premier telecom and digital services provider, Telenor Pakistan’s mobile-agriculture service ‘Khushaal Zamindar’ has bagged the prestigious Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF) Award in the ‘Agri & Rural Innovation’ category at the 3rd Annual Pakistan Innovation Forum 2016. Poised to be Pakistan’s first m-agri service, ‘Khushaal Zamindar’ offers a host of solution-focused and ground-breaking advisory services which aim to facilitate increase in agricultural yield and trigger robust growth in the agriculture sector of Pakistan. The awar…Read More

  • Medicinal radio-isotopes can be beneficial for accurate diagnosis of cancer: Prof Dr Qaim

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Each year, tens of millions of patients receive accelerator-based diagnoses and therapy in hospitals and clinics around the world. Particle accelerators are used to produce radioisotopes for medical diagnosis and therapy, and as source of beams of electrons, protons, and heavier charged particles for medical treatment, this was stated by Prof. Dr. S. M. Qaim, Foreign Fellow PAS, Research Centre Jülich and University of Cologne, Germany, while delivering a lecture on "Novel accelerator-based medical radionuclides", organized by Pakistan Nu…Read More