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  • Role of ICT in achieving SDGs

    IN FEBRUARY 2016, Pakistan’s parliament did what it had never done before. It became one of the world’s first parliaments to formally adopt United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the nation’s development agenda. Seventeen SDGs had recently been formulated by the UN, to be achieved within one generation (till 2030). Similar goals were agreed to by all the UN member states in 2000 too. They were then called Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). But our performance in achieving MDGs is not anything to write home about. To facilitate achievement of SDGs the cross-cutting Information Communication Technology (ICT) plays an extremely vital…Read More

  • 3G and 4G – what a waste…

    If you can read Urdu, read the text on the accompanying picture and imagine (in case you can’t read the text, even then imagine!) how would it be if same information is conveyed to the agriculturists using videos! And imagine if these videos could be seen on cellphone screens of the targeted growers of the targeted area, timed according to relevance and usefulness! Helping the growers and educating them about the latest methods of improving productivity in this manner has the potential of bringing an agricultural revolution in the country! This is the power of wireless broadband…Read More