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  • May be another green revolution

    The agriculture sector is facing a lot of problems like climate change, urbanization, reduction of   agricultural lands, rapidly increasing population etc. Moreover the excessive use of fertilizers, pesticides   and insecticides are polluting our environment. The demand of food would drastically increase as for the   population of 6-9 billion in 2050.Our energy resources like petroleum, gas, and diesel oil are also   decreasing rapidly day by day. Although agriculture has been contributing in the production of energy   …Read More

  • Camelina Oil as an Emerging Biofuel

    According to the theory of Entropy, the world is going towards destruction process in every second of time. The Climate and Weather are changing rapidly for the previous two decades. Seasons are shifting, glaciers are melting sea level is increasing; the frequency of floods, tsunamis, and the population are increasing. The change in climate is only due the human activities like use of fuel and diesel which have increased the concentration of CO2, NO, and chlorofluorocarbons. We cannot stop this process of destruction but we can slower it by use environmental friendly resources. Our natural resources are also rapidly depleting. According to the CIA World Facts book, our reserves of cr…Read More