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Following is the result of all participants, starting from the 1st position to the contestants having more than 40% marks.

Please note that the result score is the average of all scores given by the evaluation committee, reviewed several times. Result are compiled with lots of effort to make them transparent.  

 1st Position    Rumaisa Batool    PKR 50,000    Usman Institute of Technology, Karachi  
 2nd Position    Jam Beerbal Waso    PKR 30,000    PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi  
 3rd Position    Abeer Fatima    PKR 20,000    Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University), Karachi  

We wish all the participants a very good luck in their future endeavor. Top three position holders will be invited to Islamabad for Prize Distribution Ceremony.

The contestants whose essays did not meet the rules (plagiarism, word count) considered DISQUALIFIED, are not included in this list.

 Rank  Marks Writer NameCity Last Enrolled Institution 
 1st           20.0 Rumaisa Batool Karachi Usman Institute of Technology 
 2nd           19.5 Jam Beerbal Waso  Rawalpindi  Arid University Rawalpindi 
 3rd           19.0 Abeer Fatima  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 4th           18.5 Areej Arif  Gujrat  University of Gujrat 
 5th           18.0 Afshan Ismail  Islamabad  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 5th           18.0 Muhammad Ibrahim Khan  Islamabad  National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad 
 5th           18.0 Khadija Tofiq  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 5th           18.0 Fatima Ali  Rawalpindi  Comsats university 
 6th           17.5 NOMAN WANIl  Islamabad  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 6th           17.5 Farzam Mohsin  Karachi  Dawood University of Engineering and Technology Karachi 
 6th           17.5 MAHNOOR FATIMA  Taxila Wah Cantt  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 6th           17.5 Faiza Bashir  Wazirabad  University of Gujrat 
 7th           17.0 Asif Ali  Faisalabad  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 7th           17.0 Sania Zehra  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 7th           17.0 Muhammad Hammad Rashid  Lahore  FAST NUCES 
 7th           17.0 Rao Ubaidurrauf Khan  Multan  Quaid e Azam University 
 7th           17.0 Shahzad  Naushahro Feroze  Mehran University of Engineering and technology , Jamshoro 
 7th           17.0 Mir Saddam Hussain  Neelum  university of azad jammu & kashmir 
 7th           17.0 Gul Nawaz  Rawalpindi  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 7th           17.0 Muhammad Bilal Tariq  Rawalpindi  Quaid e Azam University 
 7th           17.0 Syeda Farwa Batool  Rawalpindi  Foundation University, Rawalpindi Campus 
 7th           17.0 Syed Farman Ali Shah  Samaro Town  Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology, SZAB Campus Khairpur Mir’s 
 8th           16.5 Aqsa Durrani  Bahawalpur  The Islamia University Bahawalpur 
 8th           16.5 Izma Tanveer  Mirpur AJK  Institute of Space Technology 
 9th           16.0 Mahrukh  Bahawalpur  COMSATS 
 9th           16.0 Iqra zafar  Dahranwala  Islamia University Bahawalpur 
 9th           16.0 Muhammad Farhan  Faisalabad  Akhuwat Faisalabad Institute of Research Science and Technology 
 9th           16.0 Sameer Ali Buriro  Hyderabad  Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro 
 9th           16.0 Fatima Tauseef  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 9th           16.0 Haya Noor  Karachi  Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology 
 9th           16.0 Dawood Khan  Pishin  UET Taxila 
 9th           16.0 Laraib Ehtasham  Quetta  Balochistan University of Information technology, engineering and management sciences 
 9th           16.0 Jawad Janjua  Rawalpindi  National University Of Modern Languages Islamabad 
 9th           16.0 Rimsha Saqib  Rawalpindi  Quaid e Azam University 
 9th           16.0 Talha Saeed  Rawalpindi  Quaid e Azam University 
 9th           16.0 Babar Ali  Shahdadkot  Mehran University of Engineering and Technology 
 9th           16.0 AHMAD MUKHTAR  Swabi  International Islamic university Islamabad 
 10th           15.5 Iqra Nizamani  Hyderabad  National University of Modern Languages Hyderabad Campus 
 10th           15.5 Azka Maseera Mumtaz  Khushab  University of Sargodha (main campus) 
 10th           15.5 Hafsa Riaz  Lahore  Lahore Medical and Dental College 
 10th           15.5 Khadija Bilal  Lahore  Lahore College for Women University 
 10th           15.5 Raheel Ahmed Shahani  Ranipur  Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro 
 10th           15.0 Areeba Manzoor  Faisalabad  Government College University Faisalabad 
 11th           15.0 Huma Fatima Zia  Bahawalpur  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 11th           15.0 Rabia Tahir  Bahawalpur  Sichuan Agricultural University, China 
 11th           15.0 Rushda Sarwar  Faisalabad  GCWUF 
 11th           15.0 sadaf tagar  Hyderabad  U.S.-Pakistan center for Advanced studies in water, Mehran University Jamshoro 
 11th           15.0 Eisha Arshad  Islamabad  International Islamic university Islamabad 
 11th           15.0 Haniya haq  Islamabad  Comsats University Islamabad 
 11th           15.0 Misbah Masood  Islamabad  Shifa Tameer e Millat University 
 11th           15.0 Muskan Saleem  Karachi  Dow University of health sciences 
 11th           15.0 Riffat Maryam Ansari  Karachi  Salim Habib University 
 11th           15.0 Aniqa Safdar  Lahore  Lahore College for Women University, Lahore 
 11th           15.0 Usfa Butt  Lahore  Lahore Medical and Dental College 
 11th           15.0 Zarwa Farooq  Lahore  University of Engineering and Technology Lahore 
 11th           15.0 MUHAMMAD ARSLAN  Multan  Air University Islamabad 
 11th           15.0 Hafsa Khalil  Narowal  GCUL 
 11th           15.0 Mehwish Munir  Peshawar  City university of science and technology Peshawar 
 11th           15.0 Arooba Saeed  Rawalpindi  Fatima Jinnah Women University 
 11th           15.0 Danial Babar  Rawalpindi  NUTECH 
 11th           15.0 Haneea Ahmad  Rawalpindi  Arid Agriculture University 
 11th           15.0 Kholla Bashir  Rawalpindi  COMSATS University Islamabad 
 11th           15.0 Zainab Fatima  Rawalpindi  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 11th           15.0 Zainab Haroon  Rawalpindi  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 11th           15.0 Zaira Zulfiqar  Rawalpindi  Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department 
 11th           15.0 Ihtesham Hussain Khan  Sahiwal  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 12th           14.5 Arshia Rana  Gujranwala  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 12th           14.5 Ayesha Mohsin  Karachi  St. Lawrence Govt Girls Degree College Karachi 
 12th           14.5 Mehwish  Karachi  Dow University of Health and Science 
 12th           14.5 Arooj Malik  Rawalpindi  Moderate public school 
 12th           14.5 Khalid Khan  Swat  Malakand University 
 13th           14.0 AMNA  Bahawalpur  The Islamia University Bahawalpur 
 13th           14.0 Sadia imam  Bahawalpur  Cholistan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences – CUVAS 
 13th           14.0 Azmat Ali  Bhakkar  Virtual University 
 13th           14.0 Ayesha Tahir  Faisalabad  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 13th           14.0 Rana Usman Jehangir  Hafizabad  Services Institute of Medical Sciences, SIMS, Lahore 
 13th           14.0 Mudasir Ahmed Soomro  Hyderabad  MUET Jamshoro 
 13th           14.0 Jaziba Ishtiaq  Islamabad  Comsats University Islamabad 
 13th           14.0 Adeel Hassan  Jhang  University of Sargodha, Sargodha (40100), Pakistan 
 13th           14.0 Anas Arif  Karachi  Bahria university Karachi 
 13th           14.0 Arisha Amin  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 13th           14.0 Madiha Javed  Karachi  Bahria University 
 13th           14.0 Muhammad Umair Khan  Karachi  Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology 
 13th           14.0 Syed Muhammad Ali  Karachi  Ned University Of Engineering And Technology 
 13th           14.0 Syeda Rija Murtaza  Karachi  DHACCS College for Women, Phase 8 
 13th           14.0 Maria Rashid  Khairpur Nathan Shah  Allama Iqbal Open University 
 13th           14.0 Aleena Shahid  Lahore  Lahore College for Women University 
 13th           14.0 Amirah Iftikhar  Lahore  University of Lahore 
 13th           14.0 Arooj Fatima  Lahore  The City School DHA Campus Lahore 
 13th           14.0 Rubab Nazar  Lahore  Government College University, Lahore 
 13th           14.0 Sumia usra  Larkana  University of Karachi 
 13th           14.0 Breera Aslam  Mandi-Bahaudin  College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences, King Edward Medical University, Lahore. 
 13th           14.0 Tuba tufail  Multan  Institute of southern punjab 
 13th           14.0 Rimsha Saleem  Rajan pur  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 13th           14.0 Malaika Rafique  Rawalpindi  Rawalpindi Women University 
 14th           13.5 MALAIKA NAVEED  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 14th           13.5 Sawera Asadullah Buriro  Khairpur Nathan Shah  University of Sindh Institute of law 
 14th           13.5 Kainaat Javed  Peshawar  Punjab University Lahore 
 15th           13.0 Natasha Matloob  Chakwal  Allama Iqbal Open University 
 15th           13.0 Rana Muhammad Moazzam Khan  Faisalabad  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 15th           13.0 Assad Ali Baloch  Hyderabad  University of Sindh, Jamshoro 
 15th           13.0 Isha Aabroo  Hyderabad  Shah Abdul Latif University 
 15th           13.0 Khoula  Hyderabad  National University of Modern Languages Islamabad 
 15th           13.0 Sourath Asghar khan  Hyderabad  National University of Modern Languages (numl) 
 15th           13.0 Zunaira Tariq  Hyderabad  Numl University Hyderabad Campus 
 15th           13.0 Abdul Wahab  Islamabad  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 15th           13.0 Hira Manzoor  Islamabad  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 15th           13.0 Aliya Ali  Karachi  College of physicians and surgeons Pakistan 
 15th           13.0 Hafsa Tariq  Karachi  DHACSS COLLEGE FOR WOMEN 
 15th           13.0 kulsoom brahim  Karachi  Pakturk Maarif international school and colleges 
 15th           13.0 MUHAMMAD MOIZ  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 15th           13.0 Rimza Rais  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 15th           13.0 Saira Usman  Karachi  Bahria University Karachi campus 
 15th           13.0 Sarah Riaz  Karachi  The Intellect School 
 15th           13.0 Syeda Hajra Hamdani  Kotli Azad Kashmir  University of Kotli AJK 
 15th           13.0 Abeer Asif  Lahore  Forman Christian College 
 15th           13.0 Ibtasam Tariq  Lahore  Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) 
 15th           13.0 Um e Kalsoom  Lahore  Lahore college for women University 
 15th           13.0 usama Riaz  Mardan  Abdul Wali Khan university mardan 
 15th           13.0 Ahtisham ul haq  Moro  Quest nawabshah 
 15th           13.0 Shumaila Shadman  Peshawar  IIUI Islamabad 
 15th           13.0 Fateh Ali Hingorjo  Qasimabad  Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro 
 15th           13.0 Fatima Shuja  Skardu  Public School and College Skardu 
 15th           13.0 Mohsin Shafiq  Wazirabad  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 16th           12.5 RABIA KABIR  Faisalabad  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 16th           12.5 Sana kousar  Haroonabad  Islamia University Bahawalpur 
 16th           12.5 sadia mustafa  Islamabad  National University of Modern Languages Islamabad 
 16th           12.5 Umair Mahmood  Rawalpindi  National University of Modern Languages Islamabad 
 17th           12.0 Tooba Yasin  Bagh  Quaid e Azam University 
 17th           12.0 Saamia Ahmad  Bahawalnagar  Islamia University Bahawalpur 
 17th           12.0 Muhammad Farooq Haider  Bahawalpur  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 17th           12.0 Nayab Matloob  Chakwal  Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad 
 17th           12.0 Rabia Anas  Faisalabad  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 17th           12.0 asiya aman  Hunza  mehran university of engineering and technology 
 17th           12.0 Ibtisam Fatima  Hyderabad  University of sindh, Jamshoro 
 17th           12.0 Maheennazir Maheennazir  Hyderabad  Maheennazir Maheennazir 
 17th           12.0 Ayesha malik  Islamabad  Imcgf6/2 
 17th           12.0 Kayinat Malik  Islamabad  Virtual University of Pakistan 
 17th           12.0 Muhammad Zahid Sharif  Islamabad  National Information Technology Board, Islamabad 
 17th           12.0 Sabiha Ayub Khan  Islamabad  National University of Modern Languages Islamabad 
 17th           12.0 M.Awais Saleem  Jampur  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 17th           12.0 ADNAN TAIMOOR  Karachi  Bahria University Karachi Campus 
 17th           12.0 Beena Siddiqua  Karachi  University of Karachi 
 17th           12.0 Mahnoor Shah  Karachi  Bahira University Karachi campus 
 17th           12.0 Muhammad Muzammil Imran  Karachi  Bahria University Karachi Campus 
 17th           12.0 Muhammad Tahir Khan  Karachi  Bahria University Karachi 
 17th           12.0 Rutab Rizwan Khan  Karachi  Bahria University 
 17th           12.0 SUNDUS HASSAN  Karachi  DOW University of Health Sciences Karachi 
 17th           12.0 Ali Murtaza jillani  Khairpur Mirs  Pakturk Maarif International School & Colleges Campus Khairpur 
 17th           12.0 Awais Ali Khoso  Khairpur Nathan Shah  Mehran university of engineering and technology shaheed zulfiqar Ali Bhutto campus khairpur mirs 
 17th           12.0 Fahad Khan  Lahore  Sukkur IBA University 
 17th           12.0 Sarah Junaid  Lahore  Lahore College for Women University 
 17th           12.0 sehrish rehmat  Lahore  Government college university, Lahore 
 17th           12.0 Shahab Afridi  Peshawar  Ayub Medical College Abbottabad 
 17th           12.0 Shayyan Khalid  Peshawar  CECOS University of IT and Emerging Sciences 
 17th           12.0 Fatima Nisar  Rahim Yar Khan  The Islamia University Bahawalpur 
 17th           12.0 Ameema Waheed  Rawalpindi  Fatima Jinnah Women University 
 17th           12.0 Anas Rashid  Rawalpindi  School of Medicine, University of Turin, Italy 
 17th           12.0 IRUM ARIF  Rawalpindi  FATIMA JINNAH WOMEN UNIVERSITY 
 17th           12.0 Shiza Ahmed  Rawalpindi  Quaid e Azam University 
 18th           11.5 Taha Habib  Bahawalpur  Islamia University Bahawalpur 
 18th           11.5 Sumaira Riaz  Dera ghazi khan  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 18th           11.5 Sadia  Faisalabad  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 18th           11.5 Mehwish Mushtaq  Islamabad  Abasyn university 
 18th           11.5 Muhammad Hammad Urs  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 18th           11.5 Teerath Kumar  Karachi  NED University of Engineering & Technology 
 18th           11.5 Walid Aamir  Karachi  Garrison Academy of Cambridge Studies 
 18th           11.5 Hamza javaid Abbasi  Murree  University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi 
 18th           11.5 Rashid Razaaq  Peshawar  National University of Modern Languages Islamabad 
 18th           11.5 Hammad Naeem Khan Sadozai  Rawalpindi  International Islamic university Islamabad 
 18th           11.5 Sameer Kumar  Umarkot  Sindh Public School & College Umerkot 
 19th           11.0 Muzahir hussain  Allahbad  Allama Iqbal Open University 
 19th           11.0 Assadullah Khan  D.I.Khan  Uet Peshawar 
 19th           11.0 Aleena Asghar  Gujranwala  University of Gujrat 
 19th           11.0 Abdul Moiz Shaikh  Hyderabad  Superior College of Science 
 19th           11.0 Aimal Khan  Islamabad  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 19th           11.0 Saliha Hussain  Islamabad  Rawalpindi Medical University 
 19th           11.0 Sania Ashfaq  Jauharabad  Waiting for mbbs merit list 
 19th           11.0 Ayesha yousaf  Karachi  Bahria university Karachi campus 
 19th           11.0 khadija aqeel ahmed  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 19th           11.0 Khawaja Atif Naseeb  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 19th           11.0 sadia mustaqeem  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 19th           11.0 YUMNA IQBAL  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 19th           11.0 Umer Ahmad  Lahore  Kips Education System. 
 19th           11.0 Pakeeza Rafique  Mughal Mughlan  Individually participating in the contest 
 19th           11.0 Shoaib Khan  Peshawar  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 20th           10.5 Pooja Devi  Hyderabad  Mehran University of Engineering and Technology 
 20th           10.5 Saniya Ahmed  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 21st           10.0 Saba Akbar  Daska  Government College University Faisalabad 
 21st           10.0 Hira Samad  Gahkuch  Aga khan university karachi 
 21st           10.0 Anusha Baig  Gilgit  UET Lahore, Faislabad campus 
 21st           10.0 Eman Said  Islamabad  Scienta Vision Collage,G/13 
 21st           10.0 laiba zaman  Islamabad  CPE 
 21st           10.0 Ahmad Zuhair Abdul Rafe  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 21st           10.0 Anoushia Wajid  Karachi  Karachi University 
 21st           10.0 Nosheen Mehmood  Karachi  Salim Habib University 
 21st           10.0 Nuzah Nadeem  Karachi  Jinnah Sindh Medical University (SIOHS) 
 21st           10.0 syeda ayesha  Karachi  Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hogdson University) 
 21st           10.0 Umer Aamir Khan  Karachi  Iqra University EDC Campus 
 21st           10.0 Uzair Ahmed Saeed  Karachi  Virtual University 
 21st           10.0 Yusra Habibullah  Karachi  DCW college for women 
 21st           10.0 Zeeshan Azhar  Karachi  Bahria University Karachi Campus 
 21st           10.0 Zeeshan Ali  Khairpur Nathan Shah  Mehran University Of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Sindh 
 21st           10.0 Hamna Ghias Sheikh  Lahore  Kinnaird College for Women University Lahore 
 21st           10.0 Maha Bilal  Lahore  Lahore College for Women’s University 
 21st           10.0 Syeda Hira Waseem  Lahore  Lahore College For Women University 
 21st           10.0 Muqaddus Usman  Mirpurkhas  Quaid e Azam University 
 21st           10.0 Syed Muneeb ur Rahman Bukhari  Muzaffarabad  Read Foundation Science College Muzaffarabad 
 21st           10.0 Alishba Tariq  Rawalpindi  Emalah Foundation School and College 
 21st           10.0 Simra Suleman  Rawalpindi  Arid agriculture university Rawalpindi 
 21st           10.0 Siraj Fatima  Sheher Sultan  Allama Iqbal Open University 
 21st           10.0 Aneela batool  Skardu  KIU Gilgit 
 21st           10.0 Zahid Hussain  Skardu  KIU 
 21st           10.0 Samar Iqbal  Taxila Wah Cantt  National University of Modern languages Islamabad 
 22nd              9.0 Muhammad Musa Khan Niazi  D.I.Khan  Faculty of Pharmacy, Gomal University 
 22nd              9.0 Maria Jamil  Faisalabad  University of Agriculture Faisalabad 
 22nd              9.0 FARYAL ZEHRA  Gilgit  University of the Punjab Lahore 
 22nd              9.0 Seerat Fatima  Gilgit  Karakorum International University Gilgit 
 22nd              9.0 Bilawal Ali lund  Hyderabad  Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro 
 22nd              9.0 Fatima Tariq  Islamabad  Siddeeq Public School 
 22nd              9.0 Iman Waqas  Islamabad  BMI-A 
 22nd              9.0 Mehwish Aslam Khan Niazi  Karachi  Salim Habib University 
 22nd              9.0 Muhammad Usman  Karachi  Bahria university Karachi campus 
 22nd              9.0 Muhammad Arsalan Buriro  Khairpur Nathan Shah  Mehran University of Engineering and Technology 
 22nd              9.0 Shermeen Shahzad  Lahore  Lahore College For women University, Jail Road Campus, Lahore 
 22nd              9.0 Ali Sajawal  Lodhran  The Islamia University Bahawalpur 
 22nd              9.0 aiza gull  Rawalpindi  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 22nd              9.0 Muhammad Umar Nadeem  Rawalpindi  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 23rd              8.5 Hassan Rizvi  Lahore  The Institute of Legal Studies 
 24th              8.0 Atika Kashaf  Karachi  University of Karachi 
 24th              8.0 Bilal Ahmed  Karachi  Bahria university Karachi 
 24th              8.0 Shahzad Hussain  Nawabshah  Mehran University of Engineering and Technology 
 25th              7.0 Rao usama  Haripur  PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 
 25th              7.0 Iqra sher  Murree  Kohsar University Murree 
 26th              5.0 Hamna Muzaffar  Karachi  Salim Habib University 
 26th              5.0 Irteza Hassham  Karachi  Bahria university 

Organizers are the final authority, result can not be challenged nor complained.