• Pakistani-American win NATO’s SA award

    MONITORING: Pakistani-American doctor Habib Chotani has won the Scientific Achievement Award (SAA) 2016 from the NATO Science and Technology Organization for his performance in research on medical countermeasures against biological agents. He is a recognised expert in the identification, surveillance and diagnosis of human and zoonotic infectious diseases. His success in the academic field includes establishing & directing the Global Infectious Disease Surveillance and Alert System (GIDSAS) at John Hopkins University.  Dr Chotani has worked in the healthcare industry, government and academia, advanced development of vaccines, therapeutic and dia…Read More

  • Govt exploring potential areas for economic development: Rana Tanveer

    SIDRA SAIF IBD: Pakistan council for Science and Technology (PCST) in collaboration with the University of Manchester, UK organised a one-day consultative workshop on “University-Industry Collaborative Interactions: Policy and Practical Implications for Pakistan”. Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Rana Tanveer Hussain presided the occasion and said that government is committed to fill the gap between S&T research and development centres and production sector for economic development of the country. The Minister said measures are being taken to ensure economic prosperity for future generation and realising the Vision 2025. He…Read More

  • Quality fodder of millet and cowpea

    In the age of extreme global development only those countries are mak- ing rapid head way in area of economic development that have attained a selfsufficiency in food produc- tion while rest of countries are just eagle-eyed them. Pakistan is one of the ma- jor milk producing coun- tries and demand for milk is rising due to increase in population and change in eating habits of the people. Fodders are used to feed the dairy stocks, mostly buf- faloes, rely on cultivated forage for the green feed in their ration. Fodder scarcity is considered a major limiting factor for prosperous livestock industry in Pakistan. In Pakistan, animals are poorly nourished which results in inadequate product…Read More

  • Pakistan’s first ever National Data Centre inaugurated in Islamabad

    STAFF REPORT ISB:    The National Telecom-  munication Corporation    (NTC) has inaugurated Pa- kistan’s first ever National    Data Centre.    The inauguration cer- emony held in the capital    was attended by State Min- ister for Information Tech- nology Ms Anusha Rahman    Khan, Chairman PTA Dr.    Ismail Shah and various    professionals from the IT    industry of Pakistan.   …Read More

  • PCSIR upgrades its research, pilot plant facilities

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) has upgraded its   research and pilot plant facilities and launched new initiatives in the development of Nano-   coating for surgical/auto/tool industries etc during last three years.    Besides routine Research and Development & services to industry and exte…Read More

  • Intel IoT platform paving road to car of future

    Islamabad: Telematics offerings expand daily, both in number and capabilities. Driven by    consumer demand for vehicles that extend the connected lifestyle, provide enhanced safety, and   reduce environmental impact, the market for in-vehicle telematics is surging, says the statement.   The automotive industry is now the third-largest group …Read More

  • Pakistan’s first homemade navigation app launched

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s flourishing tech industry has launched the first locally developed   digital mapping solution. Called TPL Maps, the software is developed by tracking solutions   provider TPL Trakker Ltd.    As per local media reports, the TPL Map uses state of the art technology, enabling users with   …Read More

  • Sericulture- An Art and Science of Silk Production

    In developing countries like Pakistan reduction of rural poverty is a paramount goal. According   to World Bank estimate more than 70% poor people live in rural areas. Various strategies have   been pursued to address this concern and create new employment opportunities. The practice of   sericulture is one of the important agro- based pursuits with which rural population is associated   from ancient times.     Sericulture industry provides direct and indirect employment to various stakeholders and aid…Read More

  • Fast collapsing textile sector

    PAKISTAN’S textile industry is fast collapsing after the closure of around 100 textiles mills and their Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) are massively rising, causing more setbacks to the struggling economy.   Out of total of 250 textiles mills, these 100 mills located in Punjab and Sindh are feared to have added another Rs3 billion in the already piled up Rs630 billion NPLs by the end of June 2015, up 5.8 per cent from a year ago. Though most of the increa…Read More

  • Climate change playing havoc with cotton production in Pakistan and affecting its economy

    Heavy rainfall, high temperatures and major pest outbreaks have taken a heavy toll on Pakistan’s   cotton growing districts of Punjab and Sindh province this year. The Ministry of Textile Industry   has expressed concern over the drop in cotton production by 28 per cent during 2015-16 caused   by climate change-induced phenomena.   The erratic weather has proved lethal for the production of cotton, one of the country’s key cash   crops. Last year was the hottest season in the cotton growing regions over the past…Read More