The BEYOND Expo 2023 opens in Macao on May 10, 2023. Credit: BEYOND Expo

All the speakers agreed that countries globally should work together to develop a set of rules to help humans better manage and use AI.

The BEYOND Expo 2023 opens in Macao on May 10, 2023. Credit: BEYOND Expo

BEYOND Expo 2023, with the theme “Technology Redefined,” began on May 10 in Macao. It will focus on consumer technology, healthcare, and sustainability, as well as international summits and startup roadshows. Government representatives, business executives, and leaders from the finance and technology sectors gathered for the opening ceremony.

Here are some key takeaways from the opening ceremony speakers:

1. Jin Liqun, President and Chair of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Jin highlighted the dream of a more inclusive Asia at the BEYOND Expo 2023, emphasizing how financial services provided by AIIB can enable people to climb out of poverty.

AIIB prioritizes two types of infrastructure investment: construction of 5G towers and fibre cables to support the digital economy, and converting current infrastructure into smart infrastructure by digitising it. This includes smart cities, smart growth, smart roads, and smart vehicles.

2.Jian-Wei Pan, Academian of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Quantum Physics

Chinese quantum physics expert Jian-Wei Pan talked about China’s efforts in quantum computing and communication. Micius, the world’s first quantum science satellite, was created by Chinese researchers after nearly 20 years, and the Beijing-Shanghai National Quantum Communication Backbone was launched in 2017.

China used Micius and the backbone to test the feasibility of creating a wide-area quantum communication network. China can make use of optical fibres, quantum relays, and the quantum satellite platform to create a generalised quantum communication network.

3. Andrew Sheng, Chief Adviser to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission

Sheng covered both the advantages and difficulties that tools like ChatGPT have brought to society in his speech. He claimed that AI would present challenges to those with less tech knowledge. “People who are technologically illiterate will fall further and further behind. And that is the biggest imbalance we are currently dealing with: How do we educate the masses so they can understand the new challenges facing the world without doing it for the elite?”

4. Kishore Mahbubani, Former President of the United Nations Security Council

The rise of Asia and the difficulties it poses were emphasised by Kishore Mahbubani, a former head of the UN Security Council. He created a new acronym for the CIA, China, India, and ASEAN, which together account for 3.5 billion people on the planet.

Only 150 million people were in the middle class in 2000; by 2020, that number had increased to 1.5 billion, and by 2030, it would have reached three billion. This growth is being driven by the middle class.

5. JOSEPH C. TSAI, Co-founder and Executive Vice-Chairman of Alibaba Group

Joe Tsai, co-founder and executive vice-chairman of the Alibaba Group, discussed the potential of artificial intelligence-generated content (AIGC) and its transformative potential in the entertainment sector.

He used an advertisement with an AI-generated actress named Leah to illustrate the potential of AIGC and its transformative potential in the entertainment sector. He also demonstrated how cutting-edge LED screens can significantly reduce the amount of space required for filming and streamline operational logistics.

For a panel discussion on the most recent issues with technology in society, BEYOND Expo co-founder Jason Ho joined BEYOND opening speakers Jin Liqun, Andrew Sheng, Kishore Mahbubani, and Joe Tsai.

The speakers discussed the challenges of AI technology and its impact on leaders and society. Mahbubani and Jin Liqun expressed concerns about the trend of people losing their jobs, while Joe Tsai said the human brain has the capacity to become smarter and work at a higher level.

All the speakers agreed that countries globally should work together to develop a set of rules to help humans better manage and use AI.

At the BEYOND summit, China State Construction International unveiled three new products: Light A, the C-SMART smart construction management platform, and the first concrete modular residential product from Hailong.

While C-SMART employs cutting-edge technologies to create a tailored platform for smart, digital, and information-based construction site management, Light A can generate electricity while acting as a building facade.

Hailong’s concrete modular residential product separates the building into independent modules, completes 90% of the construction in the factory, and quickly assembles them into a building. Aerofugia’s AE200, a new product for aerial mobility, was unveiled at the BEYOND Expo 2023.

With a focus on safety, performance, and comfort, the AE200 is an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft created to meet the high-density aerial travel requirements of urban areas.

The AE200 prototype has successfully completed its first flight, and the regulatory authorities are currently working on the certification process.

Aerofugia, a company with exceptional capabilities in aircraft, system integration, and certification experience in civil aviation, developed this product independently.

The agricultural drone from XAG, the P100 Pro, has been improved in terms of payload, effectiveness, control, stability, and other areas.

The Kluvy Protein and Alternative Dairy Products for Professionals, which is based on biotechnology to produce microbial protein and biosynthetic milk protein from nature, was unveiled by Shanghai Changing Biotech. Future food is created using cutting-edge technologies like gene editing and mutation evolution.

In order to increase workplace productivity and work quality, iFlyrec introduced iFlyrec AI Writer. The iFlyrec AI Writer is an AI writing assistant that offers services like document translation, news writing, official document writing, marketing promotion, abbreviation expansion, rewriting, polishing, and proofreading, among others.

BEYOND Expo 2023 has created six stages and two lounges for global technology and investment professionals to hold discussions and meetings. The main stages are Stage T (Theater), Stage C (Consumer Technology), Stage H (Healthcare), and Stage S (Sustainability). More than 600 exhibitors from around the world have attended.

The Consumer Technology exhibition area features leading companies such as Huawei, AliCloud, Lenovo, Cowarobot, Mogoauto, Xpeng Aeroht, and Ehang, as well as exhibitors specialising in L4-level autonomous driving of commercial vehicles and urban public service vehicles.

It is part of The Venetian Macao. It includes established behemoths like China State Construction International, China Civil Engineering (Macau), Fujifilm, and Inspur as well as fresh businesses with an emphasis on agriculture, plant-based meat, and hydrogen energy.

China Taiping, United Family Healthcare, Fosun Pharma, and the Guangzhou Taihe Medical Technology Innovation Center are all present in the healthcare exhibition area. A variety of adaptable spaces, an international team of skilled event planners, and a one-stop MICE solution with a variety of facilities and services are all provided by the BEYOND Expo.