The best way for automobile industry of Pakistan to develop and gain access to new opportunities is to collaborate with China, according to Nayyer.

Attendees at Automobile Shanghai 2023 are amazed by the latest vehicle models, features, and technologies. Nayyer Chaudhary observed the expansion of the automobile industry’s modernization and intelligence. He hoped to use this platform to collaborate with more Chinese electric vehicle producers, particularly those who make small cars and the components that go into them, in order to develop such a market for the automobile industry in Pakistan.

The automobile industry, one of Pakistan’s key sectors of the economy, is expanding daily. Fuel-efficient vehicles, battery electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), etc. have all been improved to give consumers more knowledge and options.

The use and advancement of high technology has also been fueled by the constant influx of brands. China, which has the biggest auto market in the world, is far ahead of all other nations in terms of new energy vehicle development, production, and research.

The best way for automobile industry of Pakistan to develop and gain access to new opportunities is to collaborate with China, according to Nayyer.

Nayyer and dealers from around the world will have a fantastic opportunity to learn about emerging trends in the auto industry at the 2023 Shanghai auto show.

It is fostering optimism and reviving the world auto market. The auto show’s theme is “Embracing the New Era of the Automobile Industry,” and this new era’s key characteristics include increased vehicle design options and a shift to alternative energy sources.

The trend is being observed by all the major automakers showcasing their newest models at the biggest and most important international A-class auto show.

Chery Automobile, a Chinese auto brand, has released the third-generation PHEV technology, showcasing its latest development path in the face of opportunities in the era of electrification and intelligence.

Song Huaifu, country director of Chery Automobile in Pakistan, explained that the third-generation hybrid platform adopts the fifth-generation ACTECO high-efficiency hybrid dedicated engine, integrating advanced technologies such as deep Miller cycle, i-HEC fourth-generation combustion system, high-efficiency turbocharger, and intelligent thermal management system. Song Huaifu emphasized that its peak power can reach effective thermal efficiency exceeding 44.5%, making it the most efficient hybrid engine in the Chinese market.

At Chery’s booth, more than 1,000 international visitors representing more than 80 nations gathered to create and share the most recent technological advancements in new energy and to support Chery’s goal of moving forward on the globalisation track.

They were impressed by the OMODA 5 e-QUA, JAECOO 7, and JAECOO 9, the brand’s first entirely electric models, which were unveiled there.

By the end of this year, OMADA and JAECOO will be introduced in Pakistan simultaneously, according to Qi Jie, Regional Director of Southern Asia for OMODA, Chery Group.

He stated to Gwadar Pro that Chery views Pakistan as a crucial strategic base in South Asia and that the company is currently researching local user habits to improve its products in light of the current circumstances.

Although vehicle production and sales have decreased during the current fiscal year due to Pakistan’s difficult economic conditions, including power shortages, import restrictions, and natural disasters, Huaifu noted that the auto industry’s position as one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing sectors has not changed.

Through our efforts to improve products and services with local cooperation, we have “strong confidence in Pakistan’s future market and expect the explosive growth of Pakistan’s automotive industry,” he continued.