Cancer can manifest itself as tumours, but not all tumours are cancerous, according to Dr. Shaikh.

Health professionals stressed the importance of international cooperation in reducing the burden of cancer, noting that a comprehensive strategy can prevent 30 to 50 percent of cases.

Speaking at a public seminar at a hospital, Dr. Masood Shaikh, President of the General Cadre Doctors Association of Punjab and a public health consultant, expressed these opinions. If detected at an early stage, he claims that cancer is treatable.

Over $116 billion is spent on cancer each year, and on average, 400,000 children are diagnosed with the disease. Men are more likely to die from lung cancer than women are from breast cancer.

Cancer can manifest itself as tumours, but not all tumours are cancerous, according to Dr. Shaikh. Cancer is harmful to the human body, the mind, and the economy.

Additionally, some cancers are inherited, so families need to take extra precautions. It is crucial to stop or alter the factors that cause cancer in order to prevent it.

For instance, giving up smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, exercising frequently, abstaining from alcohol, getting immunized against specific viruses, and being cautious when getting X-rays all contribute to a lower cancer rate, he added.

The fact that both smoked cigarettes and smokeless tobacco can cause cancer, according to other speakers Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz and Dr. Asad Abbas Shah, is a fact.

They added: “Maintaining a balanced weight is necessary because when the weight exceeds a certain limit, many hormones in the body lose their effect. For the following four hours after smoking a cigarette, chemical compounds are released from the mouth that can affect not only the smoker but also the people sitting nearby and cause cancer.

A nutritious diet is excellent for human health and for preventing cancer. Everyone should exercise every day, according to their size and age, said Dr. Rana Rafiqe.

Exercise boosts blood flow, which not only keeps the body hydrated but also prevents cancer because the blood reaches every part of the body. He advised avoiding any fumes coming from factories or homes because they may contain chemicals that cause cancer.

According to Dr. Munir Ghauri, cancer treatment is expensive and difficult. Cancer is treated using a variety of techniques. These include the surgical removal of the cancerous tumour, chemotherapy (drug-based cancer treatment), and radiotherapy (radiation-based cancer treatment).