Great place to Work institute certifies SAP Pakistan

SAP Pakistan awarded Great Place to Work certificate from GPTW Institute as high-performance and high-trust culture company.

Great place to Work institute certifies SAP Pakistan

Coinciding with its 50th anniversary since it’s been established, the leading technology enabler SAP has been awarded the ‘Great Place to Work’ certification for SAP Pakistan. The prestigious certificate was awarded after completing the Trust Index employee survey and Culture Audit workplace analysis.

Great Place to Work (GPTW) Institute is an organization with authority in constructing high-performance and high-trust culture companies in more than 60 countries for the last three decades. Comprising, from Great Place to Work, is the only employee experience platform built upon 30 years of research and data to take the guesswork out of culture work. They are research-backed and use unparalleled benchmarking and great practices from all across as guiding factors. They are known to drive the movement of making companies work with well-being and happiness factors as part of their core practices.

Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, upon receiving the certification said, “SAP Pakistan ensures an equitable, inclusive, and remarkable workplace for its employees. The survey has helped us in building an employee engagement mindset by empowering leaders and managers to create individual development plans. We hope to achieve the best talent pools and enhance our productivity through happier and satisfied employees, in light of this survey.”

SAP Pakistan is well-known for creating a culture that at its core puts people first. The company completed the survey, which assists in the understanding of employees’ perception of the core values of the company that support the environment and working culture.

It measures the level of fairness, collaboration, respect, community, integrity, pride, support, credibility, communication, competence, and camaraderie and other features. Winning the certification is a testament to the fact that SAP Pakistan matches the set criteria in full compliance.

Human Resource is now an evolving field to best address the needs of the digital age; the best businesses are stepping up to support their employees as they navigate uncharted waters, and SAP Pakistan is steadily gaining recognition in this realm, as care for employees remains its core and dominant philosophy.

SAP is celebrating 50 years of phenomenal success; it was founded in 1972 and has steadily grown into a global powerhouse of more than 100,000 employees supporting more than 460,000 customers across 140 countries.

Originally published at Pakistan Observer