Pakistan Nuclear Society has organized International Conference on Applications of Nuclear techniques. The conference aims was to highlight the peaceful use of nuclear technology in different disciplines of science to attain sustainable socioeconomic development.

International Conference on Applications of peaceful use of pNuclear Techniqueskicks off

The conference was attended by intellectuals from different backgrounds including national and international scientists, people from academia and government officials. Mr. Khurram Dastgir, Federal Minister Energy (Power) was the chief guest of the ceremony. Closing remarks was delivered by Conference Secretary Waqar Ahmad Butt. Vote of thanks by the president of the Pakistan Nuclear Society, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khaleeq. Nuclear technology is last century’s development. It is double edge sword which could be used both for destruction and productive purposes. In Second World War, Humanity suffered irreparable loss. In response to the intense apprehensions and hopescreated by the discoveries and multiple use of nuclear technology, Global thinking converged to control disastrous proliferation and promote peaceful uses of nuclear technology. International Conference on Applications, In this pursuit, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was formed to encourage peaceful uses of this technology in all areas of science including Electricity generation, increasing agriculture production, treatment of cancer, water resources management, refining quality of industrial products, increasing shelf life of fruits, grains, bio- materials, producing better animal species for milk and meat production. Pakistan became member of IAEA since its inception year 1957 and started pruning the benefits of this new technology. A research reactor was installed in 1965 at PINSTECH, Islamabad for hi-tech research in multi-disciplinary areas of nuclear technology and an electricity generation reactor was established at Karachi in 1971.

 Pakistan is making use of nuclear technology inall areas of socio-economic development such as electricity generation, agriculture, health, water resources, environment conservation etc.  All over the country, 19 nuclear treatment hospitals are developed by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, which are treating about 80% of cancer patients using nuclear base treatments. International Conference on Applications, At present six nuclear reactors, four at CHASHMA and two at Karachi are adding 3400 MW of electricity in the national grid. Our nuclear based agriculture centres are making innovative research and have added high yield crops, NIAB-78 a variety of cotton, is an excellent example, which has increased the national products of the country. Pakistan’s nuclear institutes are playing their pivotal role in the research and development using state of the art nuclear techniques. Pakistan as a nation is a very peaceful country and we believe in regional and global peace. Acquisition of Civil nuclear technology is our basic rightand we will continue our journey on the peaceful nuclear path for socio-economic development of the country to keep abreast and at par with the other independent nations. Our government fully supports the development of nuclear technology for national building and uplifting the living standard of our people.

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