Dark Souls 3 PC servers are back online , From Soft acknowledged a problem with the Steam version of the game earlier this week and quietly fixed it.

And just like that, the Dark Souls 3 PC servers are back online

As reported by GamesRadar(opens in new tab), Dark Souls 3’s PC servers are now back up and running, though From Software did not announce the change or clarify what went wrong. Servers for the other two Dark Souls games remain offline, with no roadmap of when they might come back.Dark Souls 3 PC servers are back online , After seven months of silence, Darks Souls 3 PvP servers on PC finally roared back to life(opens in new tab) at the end of August. It was fun while it lasted, but it didn’t last long, because a month later they’re offline again.

Complaints about the gone-again servers began to appear on Steam(opens in new tab) yesterday, as players complained that they couldn’t connect to servers, or in some cases launch the game at all. Dark Souls 3 PC servers are back online , The problem appeared suddenly and was clearly widespread, but there was no indication about what had happened. The most recent announcement about Dark Souls 3 on Steam was posted in August, announcing the reactivation of servers. A purported FromSoft player support message posted to Reddit(opens in new tab) yesterday acknowledged that Dark Souls 3 players on Steam were having problems logging into game servers, and promised that the matter was being investigated. For now though, the servers remain offline, and the problem was made public a few hours ago via the official Dark Souls 3 Twitter account, suggesting that another extended wait could be coming.

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