YouTube’s added a new way for creators to engage with their community via Shorts, with a new option to create a Shorts Reply to Video Comments with Shorts on videos.

YouTube Adds New Option to Reply to Video Comments with Shorts

As you can see in this example, the new option will provide a quick link to create a Short from a posted comment, which will then transfer that comment to a sticker within the Shorts camera. Which is the same as TikTok’s video reply option, which Instagram (of course) also copied in December last year. Video Comments with Shorts, So YouTube’s looking to lean into the engagement elements of TikTok, with more interactive features in Shorts – and definitely, that has been a core part of TikTok’s massive success, inviting viewers into the experience, as opposed to simply consuming content. Given this, it makes sense for YouTube to add the same, which could be another consideration in your Shorts strategy. Video Comments with Shorts, If you have one which, given that Shorts is now generating 30 billion views per day, among 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users, perhaps you should.

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