Krygyzstan seeks mangoes, Kyrgyzstan has expressed interest in importing agricultural products from Pakistan especially mangoes and kinnows.

Krygyzstan seeks mangoes, minnows from Pakistan

The Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Tariq Bashir Cheema was called on by Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan, Ulanbek Totuiaev at his office on Wednesday. During the meeting, both sides discussed the trade potential of agricultural products between the two countries. Krygyzstan seeks mangoes,Cheema said that the Ministry of National Food Security and Research will find potential avenues to boost agricultural trade with Kyrgyzstan. Ambassador Totuiaev said that the business community of Kyrgyzstan is keen to import agricultural products from Pakistan, especially mangoes and kinnows. They also look forward to tapping into the Pakistani market by exporting their own agricultural products. Expressing his interest to fully utilise trade potential with Kyrgyzstan in agriculture and livestock, the federal minister said that officials from both sides can discuss the required facilitation and build the needed framework for promoting bilateral trade.

The minister also directed the relevant officials at the Ministry of National Food Security and Research to assess potential avenues to boost trade and cooperation with Kyrgyzstan. Ambassador Totuiaev invited Cheema to take part in the next Joint Working Group to enhance regional economic trade and explore options to ensure food security in Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. Krygyzstan seeks mangoes, Apprising the minister about the change of government in Kyrgyzstan, Ambassador Totuiaev said the new government is actively pursuing growth in the fields of agriculture, science and technology and education. Adding that many opportunities for fruitful cooperation exist between the two countries. Highlighting the friendly relations shared by the two countries, he said a significant number of Pakistani students are studying in the universities of Kyrgyzstan. Affirming Pakistan’s stance on the relationship, Cheema said Kyrgyzstan’s relationship was important to the country and hoped that it would get stronger with time.

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