Electric Car Normalization, For large-scale induction of electric vehicles (EVs) into Pakistan, experts have proposed the provision of cheap electricity and ensuring minimum quality & safety standards for converting the existing vehicles to EVs.

Pakistan Needs to Revise its EV Policy For Electric Car Normalization Report

A report “An overview of Pakistan’s power sector and its future outlook” jointly compiled by Chinese and Pakistan experts says that the EV Policy announced by the government in 2019 has not received an encouraging response. Electric Car Normalization, The government should develop a robust institutional framework for the implementation of the revised policy so that EVs are introduced on a large scale as soon as possible. The report is jointly compiled by various Chinese and Pakistani organizations including NUST Energy Center, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), All Pakistan Chinese Enterprise Association (APCEA), China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Ltd CSAIL, and PCI. The existing GOP EV Policy be reviewed, updated, and strengthened, for large-scale introduction of EVs in the Transport Sector, providing incentives to the masses by providing financing and ensuring minimum quality and safety standards for the use of EV vehicles or converting the existing vehicle to EVs.

Pakistan has abundant indigenous resources, so more investment be made for the up-gradation of the grid infrastructure and in new power projects based on economic and indigenous renewable energy resources, so that power for charging of EVs could be provided economically and reliably As the technology will take many years to fully mature, Electric Car Normalization, Pakistan should make a gradual, phase-wise entry into the EV space. Pakistan needs to learn from the success stories of China, UK, Norway, etc. to fast-track the normalization of EVs in their respective countries. An indigenous Research & Development hub be made to utilize the potential of EV technology fully. The R&D hub should have programs to promote the development and supply of EV technology within the country and the nation’s capacity building. This hub can be used as support for new business ventures or to increase exports. This will allow for fuel import savings and positively impact the environment and Economy by reducing the country’s dependency on fossil fuels.

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