The Tunisian Association for the Promotion of Health (ATPS), in partnership with the World Health Organization (Department of Digital Health), are organizing the Conference and Exhibition on Digital Health in Africa and the Middle East in Tunisia.

Tunisia set to host the first Africa and Middle East Digital Health Conference and Expo (AMDHC)

AMDHC wishes to stimulate a new vision of health through information technologies, drawing on the experience of Tunisia and other countries that will share their knowledge and expertise during the event. AMDHC is designed to enable participants to learn about other digital health transformation strategies and programs, as well as understand the services and applications that can be used, the standards that must be applied, and interoperability. This gathering will boost and accelerate the digitization of healthcare across the region. With over 500m 2 of exhibition space and over 40 exhibitors, the conference and exhibition will allow attendees to see systems in operation and talk to those who can provide healthcare digitization solutions. Speakers will come from all over the world and the program of events will be tailor-made; more than 150 physicians, computer scientists and digital health experts are expected to attend.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from seasoned experts from across the globe, meet and network with innovative providers, and build a regional digital healthcare community in Africa and the Middle East. The recent global pandemic has shown how important it is to be able to collect and collate data across a vast territory in order to analyze it and use it in the fight against disease. Digital health care systems can make this possible and thus facilitate the concentration of resources in the most affected areas and allow decision makers to make crucial decisions based on facts. More generally, digital health systems allow the care of a greater number of people over a larger territory. They provide access to medical records, which can be crucial for the treatment of patients, and facilitate access to care.

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