The Telcos Restore 3066 Telecom Sites , Due to inaccessibility and other issues, remaining telecom sites, disabled due to flooding, may take time to restore, as per the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Telcos Restore 3066 Telecom Sites Disabled by Floods

According to a PTA official, the authority worked closely with telecom companies, and more than 99 percent of the sites in the flooded areas have been restored. According to an official, floods and torrential rains had extensively damaged telecom infrastructure, Telcos Restore 3066 Telecom Sites and a total of 3,386 sites were disabled due to calamity. On 28 August, 6.5 percent of total sites across Pakistan were disabled. Continued efforts of telecom operators and PTA teams resulted in the restoration of 3,066 sites within eight to ten days. Now less than 320 sites are still inactive, and work is going on to restore them.

The rest of the sites may take time to restore as many of them are inaccessible. Water has limited access to many sites, due to which telecom operators and PTA teams are facing difficulties in reaching these sites. Telcos Restore 3066 Telecom Sites , Some of the sites that are accessible are completely submerged in floodwater and cannot be immediately restored According to sources, Chairman PTA, Amir Azeem Bajwa, visited the flood-affected areas and reviewed the steps taken to restore the telecom infrastructure. Chairman PTA appreciated the efforts of telecom companies and PTA teams working in flood-affected areas.

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