Scientists develop direct hydrogen-from-air tech, a form of clean energy, can be directly produced from the air with electrolysis technology powered by renewable energy, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications.

Scientists develop direct hydrogen-from-air tech

The newly-developed technology makes it possible to convert solar or wind energy into fuel through electrolysis of water, even in areas with water shortages. A group of scientists from the Ganjiang Innovation Academy under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Manchester and the University of Melbourne jointly developed an electrolytic cell prototype. hydrogen-from-air tech, It can in situ absorb moisture in the air, instead of using liquid water, and produce hydrogen via electrolysis. Powered by solar or wind energy, the prototype operated for 12 consecutive days producing stable performance, hydrogen-from-air tech, It can work in a dry environment with only 4 percent humidity and produce green hydrogen sustainably with minimal impact on the environment, indicating that remote arid and semi-arid areas can expect to be powered by clean energy through use of this technology, according to the paper.

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