Pakistani Startup Democratizes ID Verification, Any Pakistani public or private entity can now verify their customer’s identity with a single click using Sabhi’s Identity Operating System (IDOS).

Pakistani Startup Democratizes ID Verification – Sabhi Launches its Customer ID Verification Solution

The release of Pakistani Startup Sabhi’s IDOS helps organizations build trusted digital ecosystems by painlessly linking customer accounts to verified government documents. The solution built specifically for the Pakistani market allows financial institutions, fintechs, social welfare organizations, telcos, and digital startups to seamlessly integrate identity verification into their websites, apps or checkouts. Pakistani Startup Democratizes ID Verification, Traditionally only a handful of businesses, mostly banks, were able to utilize the government records to run cumbersome verification and know your customer (KYC) exercises. Sabhi’s IDOS is changing this by combining government ID validation with proprietary face verification and liveness detection software, enabling entrepreneurs and institutions to expand verified access to digital services.

“We have entered an era of hyper-connectivity, where digital services blend invisibly with people’s daily lives. A child born today might not have a bank card, hold a passport, or carry cash. Her signature might be a thumbprint, face scan, or her voice. Ultimately, her ID will be herself. At Sabhi we’re building solutions to empower the digital customers of today and tomorrow.” said Muhammad Hamza Ikram – Sabhi’s CEO. Mr. Ikram is confident that their IDOS will be quickly adopted by developers across the mobile and web ecosystem in Pakistan. Pakistani Startup Democratizes ID Verification, The Sabhi IDOS uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to verify customer identity in seconds, allowing businesses to take instant onboarding decisions. The customer can use any mobile device to make their account and will only need a photo ID and their face. The ID document is scanned down to a single pixel through the AI technology ensuring the customer’s facial biometrics match those on the photo ID to ensure it’s authenticity, and that the person presenting it is live and the genuine owner. Sabhi appears to be a critical piece in the puzzle to supercharge and democratize Pakistan’s digital ecosystem. The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) recognized the opportunity and provided the initial grant funding to develop the Sabhi platform.

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