You Can Now Rent Solar Power , Johannesburg, South Africa-based renewable energy solution provider MetroWatt is now offering simple hybrid solar and battery-powered solutions for rent from as much as R2,800 ($164.51) a month as part of a new partnership with Huawei.

You Can Now Rent Solar Power in SA with MetroWatt & Huawei

The company says that these solutions are designed specifically to meet the energy needs of suburban households while ensuring continuity of power supply. The launch is timely as South Africa is currently suffering an energy crisis brought about by years of corruption and mismanagement at its state-owned power utility Eskom. You Can Now Rent Solar Power , Many private households are keen to fork out more power to pay for renewable energy solutions such as solar. According to the popular load shedding app EskomSePush, South Africans to date have lost over 56 days (over 1345 hours) of productivity since the beginning of this year due to load shedding. That’s nearly two months of downtime. However, since most solutions are very expensive to buy, rentals could be the answer to the affordability question still hampering a wider adoption of solar in suburbs. MetroWatt says it has partnered with Huawei and its FusionSolar Technology to bring added benefits to potential customers through the solutions. “We offer customers the best of both worlds. Our hybrid solar and battery backup solution comprises state-of-the-art technology owing to our 22 years experience within the IT sector.

This is combined with the most advanced equipment because of our strong partnership with technology partner Huawei FusionSolar,” says MetroWatt CEO Laurent Pieton. “MetroWatt’s partnership with Huawei is unique to South Africa. You Can Now Rent Solar Power ,While they are a global player with extensive research and development capabilities,“With its regular source of sunshine, South Africa is one of the best countries in the world for solar energy,” Pieton says. “We believe the market will welcome the simplicity of MetroWatt’s rental offerings, which remove the complexity and huge upfront costs associated with making solar-power and related decisions. Our alternative energy solution is easy to use and install,” he added. MetroWatt’s customers can also use its smart app to monitor system status and power consumption from their phone.

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