Domestic cloud seeding drones, A drone for cloud seeding developed by Sichuan Tengden Technology Company has been used in the fight to put out a mountain fire in Yibin, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, the Global Times learned from the company.

Domestic cloud seeding drones used to put out mountain fire in Sichuan

A mountain fire started on Saturday near Wuxing town in Yibin. On Sunday,Domestic cloud seeding drones, the China Meteorological Administration dispatched the drone to the region to help battle the fire. Carrying an optoelectronic reconnaissance nacelle and weather detection equipment, the drone took 1.5 hours to fly from Zigong to the affected area in Yibin. It conducted artificial rain enhancement after finding out the origin of the fire and alleviated the fire, according to the company. The company told the Global Times that the drone is about 11 meters long and 3.1 meters high and its wings have a span of more than 20 meters.

Equipped with weather detection equipment and an ice removal system, the drone is designed to fly at 6,500 kilometers for 30 hours with a full load. The highest possible altitude is 9,500 meters. Domestic cloud seeding drones, The drone can send real-time data to the control center to provide scientific, timely and efficient support for weather modification operations, the company said. Amid the most severe heat wave in six decades, at least 10 provincial-level regions in Central and South China have resorted to precipitation enhancement to induce rain, including Southwest China’s Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality, East China’s Anhui and Jiangsu provinces and Central China’s Hubei Province. Drones have also been used in the battle against mountain fires in several areas in Chongqing that lasted from August 17 to 26.

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