China launch survey on invasive aquatic animals for sake of ecosystems, A number of places across China have launched a survey on invasive alien aquatic animals in the local rivers and lakes for fear that invasive creatures could threaten local ecosystems after a high-risk invasive fish that eat a variety of other aquatic creatures was found at a park in Ruzhou,

Multiple places across China launch survey on invasive aquatic animals for sake of ecosystems

China launch survey on invasive aquatic animals for sake of ecosystems, Regions including East China’s Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, Chongming district in Shanghai, and Northeast China’s Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces have rolled out surveys into the local waters in search of alien aquatic animals. The alien strange fish found at the park in Ruzhou in mid-July was an alligator gar. The park finally caught the fish on Saturday by drying up its lake. As a large carnivorous and fierce fish originated from North America, alligator gar is also known as the “killer in water,” because it has few natural enemies. With a fierce temperament, it eats almost anything, according to Shanghai-based news portal Apart from Ruzhou, alligator gar has been discovered in multiple places across China including Beijing, Central China’s Hunan Province, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, East China’s Shandong Province over the past month, media reports showed.

China launch survey on invasive aquatic animals for sake of ecosystems, The distribution of alligator gar has also been recorded in a number of provinces cross the country including Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Henan, Sichuan and Jiangsu over the past few years. At present, agriculture and rural affairs departments in multiple regions have launched census on invasive creatures including the alligator gar in response to the notification on the general plan for the census of invasive alien species issued by China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs this year. The ministry required a nationwide census on 10 major invasive aquatic creatures including alligator gar, according to a CCTV report. China has become one of the countries that has suffered the most from invasive species in recent years. Over 660 invasive species have been found in China, including 71 that have threatened or caused potential threat to natural ecosystems, according to the most recent report about China’s environmental conditions in 2020.

China has been constantly improving its management system. China launch survey on invasive aquatic animals for sake of ecosystems, According to the Measures for the Management of Invasive Alien Species enacted on August 1, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, together with other departments, shall establish a census system for invasive alien species and conduct a nationwide census every 10 years. Besides, a monitoring system as well as a national monitoring network for invasive alien species will be established. An information release system for invasive alien species will also be set up. In Jiangsu, researchers with the Jiangsu Provincial Freshwater Fisheries Research Institute have conducted investigations on 10 species of alien aquatic animals including alligator gar, mosquitofish, apple snail and bullfrog at eight locations of on-the-spot survey including the entrances to Taige Canal, Mengjin Lake and Gehu Lake Wetland Park.

China launch survey on invasive aquatic animals for sake of ecosystems, By visiting the local fishery administration departments, fishermen, anglers and aquatic product markets, a variety of invasive creatures such as apple snail, red-eared slider and mosquitofish have been found and have been recorded, photographed and measured. Meanwhile, investigation on invasive aquatic animals being conducted in Chongming district, Shanghai which is expected to be concluded at the end of November, is hoped to provide data support for the scientific prevention and control and effective management of invasive aquatic species, by collecting relevant data and samples, analyzing and determining the main dispersal routes, risk levels and dispersion trends of alien invasive species. Some regions in North China such as Qitaihe city in Heilongjiang and Wangqing county in Jilin, have also launched the investigations into alien aquatic animals in the local fishery waters to obtain the information of the creatures in terms of their species, amount and distribution range in a bid to continuously strengthen the prevention and control of invasive alien species.

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