The 2022 China Internet Civilization Conference will open on Sunday afternoon and run until Monday in Tianjin. The event will release a series of achievements on fostering civilization online.

2022 China Internet Civilization Conference opens

China Internet Civilization Conference , The conference will include the opening ceremony and the main forum, the summit forum on the construction of network integrity, 10 sub-forums, the exhibition of the achievements of China’s Internet civilization construction in the new era and various themed activities of network civilization. Among them, the exhibition on the achievement of the internet civilization, which will mainly display the development process and fruitful achievements in the field since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, will be the highlight. The exhibits will be displayed both online and offline. The achievement exhibition is divided into three exhibition areas: comprehensive exhibition area, local exhibition area, and Internet enterprise exhibition area. The offline display uses images and videos, and the online display uses the form of cloud service.

China Internet Civilization Conference , In the Tianjin exhibition area of the conference, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital will exhibit its achievements of its internet hospital. Figures indicate that since its inauguration in March 2020, the daily patients who consult doctors online via the hospital’s service reached 3,000 daily on the peak. In 2021, its total patients who consulted doctors online surged to 600,000, ranking top in the country. In addition, the colorful wharf model of Tianjin Port is expected to attract a number of visitors. The exhibition showcases the “zero-carbon terminal” in the port, which marks the latest major achievement of Tianjin Port Group’s efforts to build a world-class smart port and a green port. Many companies are also focusing on the seniors in the internet age. In the internet enterprise exhibition area, many enterprises have set up the theme of caring for the elderly. In the Douyin exhibition area, there is a three-dimensional display wall in the middle of “a concern for ‘old friends'”. The slogans such as “multiple measures to protect the elderly” and “continue to combat inappropriate content” are particularly eye-catching. Through case introduction, interactive experience, offline communication, people can learn about topics such as traditional culture, use the internet safely for young people and the elderly and barrier-free movies, which show what the company has done in the transmission of high-quality content in the network civilization and the fulfillment of social responsibility.

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