2600MW production , Federal Minister for Power Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan has said that the 2600-MW production target of Thar Coal will be achieved by the next year.

Thar coal 2600MW production target to be achieved by next year  Dastgir

2600MW production , During his visit to the Thar Coal projects in Thar Block I and II the other day, the minister shared his thoughts on how Thar Coal is playing a very important role in fulfilling the power needs of Pakistan. “Once the projects achieve the target of 2600-megawatts by next year, a railway link will be constructed to transport Thar Coal across the country so that the market for coal can be expanded further,” The Federal Minister paid a visit to the coal mining project of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company, the power plant Engro Powergen Thar Limited, resettlement village of New Sehnri Dars and the Thar Foundation Hospital where CEO Engro Energy, Yusuf Siddiqui briefed the delegation on the project and initiatives. He was briefed as to how the coal production will be increased from 3.8 million tons per annum to 7.6 million tons by the end of the year once the mine achieves Phase II. Once the mine achieves Phase III of its production by the end of next year, Thar Coal will become the cheapest source of fuel for Pakistan. “In light of the current energy crisis grappling the country, Thar Coal can provide the needed ray of hope for the future of Pakistan’s energy security.

2600MW production , “As the Thar coal projects complete the various phases of its development, I am hopeful that the future generations of Thar will receive increased socioeconomic opportunities while ensuring self-reliance of energy for the country’s residents. As a pioneering project which can yield import substitution and development of allied industries, the Government will assure maximum support to the project, as has been done in the past” said the Minister. During his visit to the Thar Foundation Hospital, the minister was briefed on how all the medicinal, lab and OPD facilities are provided free of cost to all the patients. He lauded the efforts of the Foundation in providing basic facilities such as education, health, access to clean drinking water as well as employment opportunities to the people of Thar.

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