TikTok, Zindagi Trust initiate workshops in schools, TikTok and Zindagi Trust have initiated a series of workshops across their network of government schools in Pakistan in a bid to create awareness about digital safety amongst students, teachers and parents.

Digital safety  TikTok, Zindagi Trust initiate workshops in schools

TikTok, Zindagi Trust , This initiative will see up to 3,000 students from grades 7-9 attend day-long workshops to learn about safe usage of the internet, with a focus on social media and will be able to learn about best practices of internet usage and how they can become responsible digital citizens and cultivate a safe online community across the nation. There will also be separate workshops for teachers and parents that will seek to educate them on how they can ensure the safety of youngsters on the internet. Farah Tukan, head of Government Relations and Public Policy – Middle East, Turkey, Africa and Pakistan (METAP) at TikTok, said: “These workshops are a part of our ongoing partnership with Zindagi Trust, and another step in the right direction for ensuring our TikTok community in Pakistan remains digitally safe. We are fully committed to ensuring the safety of Pakistan’s digital community, as we continue implementing policies and processes to proactively identify and prevent every attempt to share inappropriate content on our platform.”

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