COMSTECH and The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC) in collaboration with Islamic University in Uganda jointly organized a training course on “OIC/SMIIC Halal Products Standards and Testing” at Islamic University in Uganda, Kampala during August 22 – 26, 2022.

COMSTECH-SMIIC Organize a Training Course on Halal Products Standards and Testing in Kampala

The authentication and confirmation of several products, including processed food and other items of daily use, and their Halal nature is a growing challenge globally along with the environmental contaminants, both biological and chemical, and non-halal ingredients which are prohibited for Muslims, are a matter of concern. It is therefore, imperative for the Muslim countries to establish Halal testing standards and laboratories to ensure the ‘Halal’ status of the consumer products. In this context, the training course was designed to train the participants from African OIC member states about the procedures for adoption, implementation and use of the OIC/SMIIC Halal Food Standards general requirements for Halal food, auditing of testing Labs in line with OIC/SMIIC 35 – conformity assessment, general requirements for the competence of laboratories performing Halal testing and the testing procedures standards such as test method for detection of porcine in food products (meat, processed food and gelatin). The objective of this training course was to encourage the harmonization of Halal standards used in the OIC countries and internationally by aiding in the adoption and use of the OIC/SMIIC Halal standards.

The aim of the training was to transfer knowledge and skills, and to develop the human capital, while bridging the knowledge gap and enlightening the compliance requirements set forth by the regulatory bodies in the OIC Countries. The training was attended by the participants both in-person and online. The Rector, Islamic University in Uganda, Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda, welcomed the participants and the experts. The Secretary General, SMIIC, Mr. İhsan ÖVÜT, the Coordinator General COMSTECH, Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary addressed the inaugural session of the training. Both the dignitaries presented the report of their organizations – SMIIC and COMSTECH – and highlighted the recent programs launched to meet their mandate. Prof. Choudhary appreciated the efforts of the Rector of Islamic University in Uganda and his team for organizing the training for the capacity building of African member states. SMIIC is an affiliated organ of the OIC and its headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkiye. It works with the vision to create a quality infrastructure that improves economy, welfare and protects OIC member states. SMIIC develops necessary mechanisms for the OIC countries, aims at setting new standards in the member states and eliminating technical barriers to trade consequently increasing the trade among them. The Institute also aims to establish conformity assessment schemes for the purpose of expediting exchange of materials, manufactured goods and products among member states beginning with mutual recognition of certificates. The COMSTECH is an OIC ministerial standing committee on scientific and technological cooperation, headquartered in Islamabad. It works for the socio-economic development of the OIC states through the application of science and technology.

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