Divisional Director Livestock Department Dr Haidar Ali said that livestock department had launched animal inoculation drive across the division and it would continue up to September 30.

Animal Inoculation Drive To Continue Up To Sep 30

In a statement on Friday, he said that inoculation was imperative to save the Animal Inoculation Drive for animals from seasonal and viral diseases especially during monsoon and rainy season. He said that animals were precious assets of the farmers which not only played a dynamic role in catering to food requirements of the community but they also helped the farmers in mitigating their financial problems. However, many farmers had to face heavy loss when their animals fell ill due to seasonal and viral diseases.

Therefore, the livestock department had launched a vigorous campaign to educate the farmers about benefits of inoculation before attack of viral seasons, he added. He said that teams of livestock department were regularly visiting animal farms and convincing the farmers to vaccinate their animals as early as possible. He said that during monsoon and rainy season, various diseases like Gal Ghooto (Diphtheria), Mun Khur (foot and mouth), entrails’ poison, Rani Khait, Peste des petits ruminants (PPR), broke out in addition to worms and ticks which caused irreparable loss to the farmers if these diseases got severity.

Therefore, Animal Inoculation Drive , the animal farmers were advised to get their cattle and poultry birds inoculated before epidemic of any infectious disease. In this connection, the livestock department had activated vaccination centers across the division including districts Faisalabad, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh and Chiniot besides making mobile dispensaries functional at Tehsil level for veterinary treatment at doorsteps of the farmers. More information in this regard could be obtained from nearest livestock office, veterinary hospital or from helpline 0800-78685

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