Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – How to Recruit Byleth

The Ashen Demon is easily one of the best units in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, thus making their recruitment a top priority for most players.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes - How to Recruit Byleth

Those who’ve played Fire Emblem: Three Houses before should already be fairly familiar with Byleth. After all, they did serve as the game’s main playable protagonist. The character once again returns in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, though, on this occasion, they instead serve as one of the main antagonists for a significant chunk of the story Despite Byleth’s sudden heel turn though, it is possible for players to recruit them to their team. The method for doing so varies a little depending on which house the player chooses at the beginning of Chapter 3, as too does the point in the story when Byleth becomes available. It’s definitely worth doing, however, as not only is Byleth one of the best units in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, but recruiting them is also key to unlocking the game’s true ending Those who opted to join the Black Eagles will need to wait until Chapter 12 before they can recruit Byleth. Before entering into the chapter’s final battle, players should make sure that they have the “Resonant Lightning” strategy, which is gained by surveying the surrounding area. They’ll then need to equip the strategy, start the battle as usual, and then wait until they are prompted to use it.

After completing the side mission that involves aiding some engineers, players will unlock another one that calls for them to defeat Byleth. However, they should avoid doing so and make sure that none of their other units attack the Ashen Demon either. Instead, they should keep on fighting until they’re tasked with defeating Alois and Rodrigue, after which, Byleth will yield and join up with the player’s team, as too will the fallen duo.Players who chose to join the Blue Lions will also need to wait until Chapter 12 before they’ll be able to recruit Byleth. This time, however, they’ll need to have unlocked the “Locate Ambushers” strategy, which is once again found by surveying one of the spots on the map. After using the strategy in the Chapter’s final battle, players will need to ignore the mercenaries that appear, while also ensuring that none of their teammates give them any trouble.

Eventually, an arrow will appear on the map letting players know the route that they need to take to avoid all of the ambushes. This will lead them to Fleche, who they should eliminate as quickly as possible. At this point, players will be tasked with taking out Byleth, but they should refrain from doing so if they wish to recruit the Ashen Demon. Instead, they should take out Randolph, which will again result in Alois, Rodrigue, and Byleth switching sides.Recruiting Byleth on the Golden Wildfire path is a little trickier, though players will get the chance to do so in Chapter 10 of Three Hopes rather than Chapter 12. There are no strategies required this time, though those looking to build the strongest team possible will want to bring the “Persuade Yuri” strategy along with them. Once the mission begins, players should stick with Claude; helping him to reach his destination and then escorting him back safely.

After Claude begins his retreat, players will be tasked with defeating Byleth, but, as with the other two paths, they should refrain from doing so. Instead, they’ll need to wait until Claude has fully retreated and then take down Fleche as quickly as possible so that Byleth remains alive. If players are successful, they will recruit both Jeralt and Byleth at the end of the battle.Byleth has their own unique class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, though what exactly that is will depend on whether players chose a male or female Byleth at the beginning of the game. Female Byleth has the Silverheart class, which specializes in swordplay and is strong against axes. Male Byleth, on the other hand, is able to make use of the Enlightened One class, which again specializes in swordplay. Both of these are returning classes from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, where they were also Byleth exclusive.

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