Technology helps farmers produce better grains in N China’s Shanxi

Technology that helps farmers to produce better grains in N China’s Shanxi North China’s Shanxi Province boasts diverse cereal grains and is famous for its high-quality millet. In Jinzhong City, the National Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Area includes large experimental millet fields. Experts have been working to improve the crops’ variety.

Technology helps farmers produce better grains in N China Shanxi

Guo Jie, a professor from Shanxi Agricultural University, has been researching the millet variety for seven years. He’s in charge of a lab and some experimental millet crop fields in the demonstration zone. “Drought often hits Shanxi,” Guo said. “Through molecular breeding technology, we’ve integrated the drought-resistant gene into the millet variety, and it’s been quite successful.” He said the millet production has increased from 4,500 kilograms per hectare to 7,500 kilograms.

Holding some millet samples in his hands, Guo showed the differences between the original millet variant and their improved one. “You can see the ear size is different. The improved variety is hybrid and much bigger,” Guo said. He also pointed out that compared with wheat and rice, millet contains more amino acids and micro elements. “It’s an important supplement to our diet,” he said. Shanxi is one of the country’s major grain production areas.

In 2019, the National Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Area was established in Jinzhong City. It’s a major hub for agricultural research and experiment in China. The demonstration zone also showcases the latest technologies and scientific experiments used to improve both the quantity and quality of crops. The demonstration zone has also been promoting the use of intelligent agricultural equipment. In an exhibition hall there, the most eye-catching item is an unmanned Technology helps farmers like electric tractor, the first one ever developed by China. It’s one of the many intelligent agricultural equipment exhibited there.

Experts say intelligent machines play a greater role in China’s agriculture, by helping to improve the industry’s efficiency. The agricultural hub has been working with major agricultural institutes and companies to train farmers and build up industry chains. Liu Wei, head of the demonstration zone, said, “We’ve been working to take the lead in northern China’s modern agricultural development, modernize the agricultural industry and help promote rural revitalization.”

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