720 Diarrhea Patients Visit Rawalpindi’s Health Centres

Around 720 acute watery diarrhea Patients have been brought to the health facilities of the Rawalpindi district this year, out of which 711 were discharged after recovery.

720 Diarrhea Patients Visit Rawalpindi Health Centres

District Surveillance Coordinator, District Health Authority Dr Waqar Ahmed told APP that 314 patients had arrived from Rawal Town,114 Rawalpindi Cantonment area,87 Potohar Town,58 Murree,20 Khauta,13 Gujar Khan,10 Taxila and one from Kotli Sattian. He informed that 103 cases were recorded at Rawalpindi’s health facilities outside the districts.

“Presently, he informed that nine patients are admitted in various hospitals of the district while no patient was in a critical position.” Dr Waqar said that patients reported so far belonged to ages from newborn to 25 at the ratio of 56 per cent male and 44 per cent female. The health officer added that, fortunately, no diarrhea Patients had died in the district due to timely arrangements made by the health department to control the spread of waterborne disease.

He said that the authority had collected water samples from the affected areas for microorganism detection, and required action was taken there. Dr Waqar said that the rising temperature results in various respiratory disorders, adding that children with low immunity and vulnerability to sickness often fall sick during the summer days. He advised the people to drink plenty of water and juices to wash out their upper respiratory system.

Source: This news is originally published by urdupoint